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  1. Sony A99 / Sony 135mm f2.8 (T4.5) STF
  2. AlphaHvam

    Hua Lamphong

    Picture from the nostalgic, romantic and crowded Bangkok Railway Station, Hua Lamphong
  3. Absolutely amazing pictures! Clearly shows, that even all the fuss is about A7 series/A9/E-mount, we might actually have the real star of the Sony line-up here! Sadly it´s pretty much ignored from even Sony itself, and largely from the foto-media´s, that think that Sony is all about A7´s and E-mount! The A99II is hard to beat - the competition from Canon and Nikon can´t!
  4. Shortly, the sun broke through the clouds, on a misty morning
  5. A fine morning at the bay in Aarhus, Denmark A99/24-70mm ZA SSM
  6. A couple of pic´s from alongside the river "Spree", and with a view of "Lutherbrücke" ahead. A fine morning, with sunshine and headlight.
  7. A couple of pictures from Berlin´s "Museums Insel". First pic taken with my A99 + Sony 70-300mm G The other two with A600 + Minolta 50mm F1.4
  8. Beside my old stuff - KM 7D/A700 etc. i have A77 A77II A99 (x2) A6000 I´m pretty happy with the A600 with the LA-EA4 adapter, so i can use my ZA and "G" glasses on it! BUT my favourite is still my A99´s! Just bought a brand new 6 month ago - now that the A99II rules, the old A99 was a quite good bargain (less than 1/2 price of A99II), and for my type of photography, the mkII is overkill! - Well . . . i guess i buy one later, anyway.
  9. Marselisborg Skov (Forest) - Aarhus, Denmark Sony A99 / Minolta HS APO 80-200mm F2.8
  10. Aarhus, Denmark - Morning at the seafront
  11. Aarhus, Denmark - Spring is coming, and the nature is waking up! SONY A77II - SONY 50mm F2.8 MACRO
  12. Aarhus Denmark - A morning with a special light and sky/clouds . . .
  13. AlphaHvam

    135 STF + A99 .

    Really nice shots, beautiful bokeh! I have to have that Lens!!!
  14. Aarhus, Denmark A99 + Sony/Zeiss 135mm F1.8 ZA
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