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  1. AlphaHvam

    Blue tailed Bee-eater

    Absolutely amazing pictures! Clearly shows, that even all the fuss is about A7 series/A9/E-mount, we might actually have the real star of the Sony line-up here! Sadly it´s pretty much ignored from even Sony itself, and largely from the foto-media´s, that think that Sony is all about A7´s and E-mount! The A99II is hard to beat - the competition from Canon and Nikon can´t!
  2. AlphaHvam

    A misty morning . . .

    Shortly, the sun broke through the clouds, on a misty morning
  3. AlphaHvam

    One fine morning . . .

    A fine morning at the bay in Aarhus, Denmark A99/24-70mm ZA SSM
  4. AlphaHvam

    Lutherbrücke Berlin

    A couple of pic´s from alongside the river "Spree", and with a view of "Lutherbrücke" ahead. A fine morning, with sunshine and headlight.
  5. AlphaHvam

    BERLIN - Museums Insel

    A couple of pictures from Berlin´s "Museums Insel". First pic taken with my A99 + Sony 70-300mm G The other two with A600 + Minolta 50mm F1.4
  6. Beside my old stuff - KM 7D/A700 etc. i have A77 A77II A99 (x2) A6000 I´m pretty happy with the A600 with the LA-EA4 adapter, so i can use my ZA and "G" glasses on it! BUT my favourite is still my A99´s! Just bought a brand new 6 month ago - now that the A99II rules, the old A99 was a quite good bargain (less than 1/2 price of A99II), and for my type of photography, the mkII is overkill! - Well . . . i guess i buy one later, anyway.
  7. AlphaHvam

    Shiroka poliana dam, Bulgaria

    Really nice shots!!!
  8. AlphaHvam

    The Stump

    Marselisborg Skov (Forest) - Aarhus, Denmark Sony A99 / Minolta HS APO 80-200mm F2.8
  9. AlphaHvam

    Morning at the coast front

    Aarhus, Denmark - Morning at the seafront
  10. AlphaHvam

    Spring is on the way. . .

    Aarhus, Denmark - Spring is coming, and the nature is waking up! SONY A77II - SONY 50mm F2.8 MACRO
  11. AlphaHvam

    Morning jogger

    Aarhus Denmark - A morning with a special light and sky/clouds . . .
  12. AlphaHvam

    135 STF + A99 .

    Really nice shots, beautiful bokeh! I have to have that Lens!!!
  13. Aarhus, Denmark A99 + Sony/Zeiss 135mm F1.8 ZA
  14. Sorry guys! - Rookie mistake!
  15. AlphaHvam

    My travel in Scotland

    Great shots!!!