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What you can expect when you visit these parks in Bandung


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My next stop in Bandung are Teras Cikapundung and Bandung City Hall.


This is one of the latest park opened by the Mayor. Man, Bandung city mayor sure likes to build parks. No entrance fee, good for taking picture and hangout especially if you are somebody who loves river. Here you can perform, play rafting, fishing, feed the fish, recreation, and more because it has mini boat, art installation, edible garden, amphitheater, and shelters. I suggest you to go there when in the morning or afternoon after 4pm when it's not too hot as it barely have shade trees.


Bandung City Hall is located in the center of Bandung city. The place is are clean and well maintained. There were flowers, statues, water fountain, and ponds. In the video you can see that there were children playing football in the park using just their slipper or even bare foot. Sometimes, there were bunches of teenager practicing dance in the park especially in sunday or holiday. 


My device: Sony A6000


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