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sony la-ea2 on nex C3 what lens are best for newbie?


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I am a newbie to photography and have been playing around with a nex c3 I bought earlier this year. 

I am traveling to Turkey and Indonesia in May and would like to expand my camera's ability some but still need it to be user friendly.

I was looking at buying the sony la-ea2 so I could have auto focus with the older sony lens. What lens would be a good choice for me to have for my trip.

I do have a limited budget but can spend up to 750 on lens all together. I will be traveling around Istanbul sight seeing and then staying on the ocean in indonesia along with going to the mountains there to see some old hindu temples. Any help and tips would be appreciated.


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If I understand you correctly, you have an E-mount camera 

but are interested in buying an A-mount lenses and also an  

adapter to use the A-mount lens in AF mode.   


I use that system. But I already owned the A-mount lenses,

MANY of them, and they were sitting idle until I bought the

adapter. Do you already own one or more A-mount lenses

and are looking to acquire one or more ? Then this would

make sense. Otherwise, why not just use E-mount lenses 

on the E-mount camera ?   


You don't like the available selection of E-mount lenses that 

fit your $750 budget ? Adapted lenses will not provide OSS. 

Your body does not provide IBIS. Part of the price of most 

E-mount lenses is OSS. I can't bring myself to recommend 

to you ANY A-mount lenses on which to waste your $750. 


Take the cost of that LA-EA2 and put it toward an E-mount 

OSS zoom, even a kit lens [or two]. Prime lenses generally 

do not provide OSS [and the exceptions to that rule are not 

inexpensive] so choose a zoom [direct E-mount zoom].    


I recommend this one ... costs only 2/3 of your budget:




It will do pretty much all the shots of which any new user is 

capable. Acoarst it won't do EVERY damnt last possible shot, 

but what it won't do is not the business of a new user. FWIW

it's a vaaaastly better lens than the kit lens most new users

have. Most would agree it's decidedly "enthusiast level" [or

even better].  


Buy it, you'll love it.    



[You're welcome.]    

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