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Ötscher - A6300 - Hiking film

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This is my first video I have ever done and therefore also my first Youtube upload. I hope i can improve in the future and deliver better videos. Please leave some critic :) All i can say is that the A6300 creates some stunning video, even without using the sharpest lenses or SLOG Profiles. Love this little thing!

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    • By Apoorv Umate
      i need help 
      my a6300's .arw  image that is raw image is not giving details when zooming in a windows pc , i have tried everything such as other card , other lense ,factory reset, i have also compared the raw images with a6000 with the same lens and same card  side by side , a6000 was showing details when zoomed in on a windows pc but a6300 was not 
      i have tried many windows pc but nothing is happening 
      JPG;s are alright but raw is without detail 
      please give some advice that what should i do . i have warranty 
      Thank you
    • By Zainob Mathew
      This film was mostly shot on the A6500. Maui is an amazing place and this was our first visit. Thanks for watching!
    • By catunda
      I acquired about 5 months ago a mirrorless Sony a6300 after having Nikon d5300 for a long time. During a trip, the camera started showing severe noise problem and some color distortion, even in low ISO. Maybe I'm very unlucky, but I'm disappointed with Sony. Does anyone have experienced such problem?
      Image: ISO 1250, Lens E PZ 16-50mm F3.5-5.6 OSS  - 22 mm, f/4, 1/60 s