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Switch between photo/video "mode" in a6300?

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I have previously used my a6300 99.9% of the time for photography only, but I recently started experimenting a bit with shooting videos. I quickly ran into the problem that I use different settings for photo and video (things like autofocus mode, autofocus area, exposure compensation, et cetera), but when switching between photo/video (with the dial on top of the camera), I continuously have to change all these settings manually.

Ideally, I would like to set up two different "profiles" (if something like that is possible) in which all these settings are stored, to make the switching between all the different photo/video settings easier.

  • Is something like this possible on the a6300?
  • If not: how do you typically work around this issue?
  • if not: is such functionally available in newer models (e.g. a6700)?
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