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Sony A7 Battery Charger (multiple charger)

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HI guys,

I was wonder what  chargers you have?

I only have the Sony one and that thing takes forever to charge, and its hard to tell when its charge.  I Would plug it in all day just for one charge, for one battery.


Whats a better  product/solution for this?


I'm looking for something that can charge more than one battery, something that can charge faster.  And maybe have indicators?


I've looked online, but I rather hear what other solutions people have on here that works best for them.


If I have to, Ill buy a bunch of these.

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I use the original charger that came with my NEX-7 and NE-5n.

Sony model no BV-VW1.

There is a light that tells you it is in the charge process and stops when charged. Takes a couple of hours ( never really noticed the time it takes but 3-4 hours from Zero power is my guess)

Bought a used one on eBay for about 40$ including shipping to Canada for use with my A7r and A7II in case i sell the NEX-5 and 7

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I have two dual chargers, dual is the way to go with A7 batteries for sure....


Look at this on eBay



Which is great, charges two in about an hour or two, But not the most compact for travelling, so I got this....



Look at this on eBay



Much smaller, can charge off usb same as my flash batteries and iPhone so just one socket needed rather than taking multiple.


Charges in an hour or two also, mind you I am a little color blind and find it hard to see the change in indicator light from slightly green to slightly red, the first item indicator is clear red or blue so that's easier.

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Thank you guys.  I'm going to try all of them out and plug them all into one strip.  The one I have is not very good.  I bought it at the sony store awhile ago for like 60 dollars........and it doesnt do as much as what you guys are showing me. 

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I use this one:




It's not as cheap as the others, but seems to be fairly fast, and seems rather accurate and showing how much charge is remaining. I used it recently on a trip overseas, and though not super compact, it worked out really well for me.

I second Watson charger, it's fast and convenient and comes with car charger too.



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