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  1. Thanks jeffrey, luckily i was able to sell both lens without using these sites!
  2. Hi guys, I'm not sure if we're allowed to post this here or not, but I was wondering if you guys know of a place I can sell my lens without being ripped off? These are good lens but unfortunately I'm in need of money quickly so I have to depart with it.... I checked KEH.com but the price they're offering me seems like robbery. Thanks!
  3. Hi guys, I've shot for years without ever using an AF lock button, but for awhile now I've been shooting with the Sony GM lens and they all have AF lock buttons on it. I've been using it and now....I can't live without it. Every lens I'm looking for now, I want an AF lock button it, but since that can't all happen, is there a way to customize your button to make an AF Lock button on the A7? Thank you
  4. Thanks again for the help guys! I'm getting the hang of this flash and its really powerful compared to my nissin air 1 di700. I got so fed up with the nissin because it kept misfiring and and overheating. So far I've shot this on full power for a long time and I had no overheating whatsoever and it lasts so long. One question I'm having is, there's a mode or 2 that says RMT1 and RMT2. What exactly are these modes for? Are they for optical triggering? I've never once played with optical triggering before so I'm not too familiar with these terminology. @KMG you should really upgr
  5. Thank you KMG and ebouwens, I was able to get the flash to work last night and went to sleep. It did not work in WL for me, but when I set it to Fill flash, that was when it worked. After I did it, I went to bed, but Ill read what you said just now and play with it some more and report back. Thanks!
  6. Hi guys, I'm using Sony A7, and am wondering if anyone here have issues pairing up the trigger and flash in wireless? I have my camera set as WL and have ch1 on both my flashes. I press the test button it fires, but when I try to shoot with my shutter button on the camera...nothing happens? Any help or videos? I can't seem to find one thats helpful. I followed the instruction in the book....and nothing.
  7. Have you downloaded and installed the firmware? It might help.
  8. Well Christer, the Batis lens is designed kind of different than any lens I've ever used and I didn't want to have to waste money on something that won't attach. I already ordered a cheap one.
  9. Hi guys, I lost my lens cap for Batis 25 and am looking for a replacement, but can't really find one designed for the batis. Would any 67mm cap that zeiss makes fit? I see mostly the ones designed for the Touit lens.
  10. This flash is pretty annoying to use. You have to turn both the flash and commander off. 2. Press and hold the set and power buttons at the same time for about 3 seconds until you hear a beep. Then press and hold the air1 Commander and power button at the same time for 3 seconds until the flash button begins to blink orange. The Di700 should stop beeping which indicates that its done.
  11. Thank you guys! I ended buying the Photographer's Ephemeris, I love it!
  12. Looks very nice! Are these natural lighting? What do you do for the catch light in her eyes?
  13. Hi, I live in the California Bay Area. I've been shooting sunsets for a little while now, but today I realized they don't always appear over the beach like I've been lucky with. My question is, how do you figure out where the sunsets during the year? Right now I have a photoshoot in Santa Cruz california, I went there this weekend to see how it looks before I went off to shoot and there was no sunset. It was also pretty cloudy, and during the sunset hour it got dark. I know the sun might be more north of San Francisco this time of the year, but I was wondering if theres an app or informatio
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