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Voigtlander 35 1.7 Ultron

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I used my newly acquired Voigtlander 35 1.7 Ultron today. I am just getting acquainted with my new lens and so far I just love the results. I am using it on an A7II with the Voigtlander close focus adapter.  


The lens vignettes quite a bit, but so far the Lightroom lens profile has done very good job at correcting. In some shots I also noticed a little bit of blue-ish color shift on the corners/edges but very light. 


Here are a few shots on a foggy day here in Montreal. I will followup with a few more street shots.


23830391862_504bba795b_k.jpgFog 1 by Colin Surprenant, on Flickr


23311886263_cefc0b2d21_k.jpgFog 3 by Colin Surprenant, on Flickr


23856158361_ebdcdb7653_k.jpgFog 2 by Colin Surprenant, on Flickr


23938636225_b8c4dfa924_k.jpgFog 4 by Colin Surprenant, on Flickr



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Arrived !

Just for the New year's eve.

So far - spend a couple of hours with the new lens.


Not the best build quality and the focus ring has some spot, where is more "difficult" to rotate. Only for a fraction.

I went out in the night.

Still need some time to get used to this focal length and this lens.

But the results are charming.

so old mood and atmosphere.


Here are a few samples:

23729585289_f015671234_b.jpgCould be love... by kalpachev1, on Flickr



24013775141_d1b93929be_b.jpgThe Glassblower by kalpachev1, on Flickr


And all this is handheld in a very dark conditions on Sony A6000.




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I spent the last week in the county side and we had a "perfect gray" kind of weather all week after a good snow storm. Everything in the nature was just shades of gray. Here are 2 picts showing the vignetting and slight color shift, the first one has no adjustments and the second one has only the Lightroom 6 lens profile correction applied, both are uncompressed RAW captures and exported to jpeg.


24163247205_a0b874a968_k.jpggray_soc by Colin Surprenant, on Flickr


24163245825_a46da08712_k.jpggray_corrected by Colin Surprenant, on Flickr



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Colin - I've been lusting for the CV35 Asp. 1.2 II for years and then the new Ultron was released. I love the "3D pop" of this lens and it's sharp at f1.7. What confounds me is that both lenses are offered at the same price and I hope you can explain why you chose this lens over a faster one. I am now favoring the Ultron on the merit of it's character. Soon to own one.

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@brettfrey I've never used the 35 1.2 Nokton so I can't really comment on it but I have seen pretty nice reviews here too. In all fairness, this review by Phillip Reeve pretty much sold me on it. Note that the Nokton is about twice as heavy and big if this is any concern to you. Also note that Steve Huff did a good review with the A7RII and if you look down the comments he «feel this lens [1.7] is technically a little better». Agreed that for the same price, it is a tough choice and 1.2 is appealing :P

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I love this lens so far :)

Even manual, even mine is the old version - it is very good mood that it creates...


Another few examples from me (photos from last night at Ace Cafe London)

All shot handheld with Sony A6000


24059284310_07dddfb194_b.jpgAce Cafe souvenirs by kalpachev1, on Flickr



23725945224_22e1e29c07_b.jpgStonebridge park station by kalpachev1, on Flickr



24260353161_3a47631177_b.jpgAce Cafe London by kalpachev1, on Flickr


P.S. Is there way to learn when my version is produced ? Or when the old 35mm F/1.7 is produced at all ?



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@Colin and @kalpachev   I am searching for an wide angle for my A7ii.  Budget is steering me to the Sony 28 F2.  I would love the Loxia 21 but the cost is not in my budget.  I've been reading and researching the Voightlander lenses and I read Phillip Revee's review which have me considering the Voightlander 35, 28, and 15.  

I would value knowing what adaptor each of you use for the 35?


Thanks in advance for your time and help in this matter. 

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