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  1. Hello, Yesterday I upgraded from A7R2 to A7R3. Thinking to purchase a new lens. My local shop is awesome and gave me a great deal on the camera and super fair trade in. The problem is they have a terrible selection of lenses. For whatever reason they seem to stock every A mount and virtually no E mount lenses. They can get me just about anything and are super nice to deal with. So...with all of the above I would like to purchase my next lens there but will not be able to try them first. Here is what I already have in terms of lenses: Sony G 12-24 Loxia 35 F2 Leica 50 F2 Summicron Sony 55 f1.8 Sony 85 F1.8 I would like a faster lens or maybe a specialty lens. Here are my 3 contenders for new lens (I may trade in or sell one of my lenses as I already have too much overlap near 50MM) Sony G Master 85 1.4 Voigtlander 40 F1.2 Sony STF 100mm I really want something to mess around with serious Bokeh. I don't do any video at all. Mostly travel photography and automobiles. Im leaning towards the G master 85, thinking trade or sell the 85 1.8 and upgrade...but the Voigtlander seems pretty awesome. The Sony STF, I have reservations about buying unless I got to test it out, but local shop doesn't have one... I travel like crazy and I am obsessed with Vintage Cars (car events virtually very weekend the weather is nice). Based on the above, what do you think???
  2. And then there is also the Tokina 20mm thats getting awesome reviews...
  3. Ok, so I am buying a lens today, one last question. Stick with the Loxia or are the Voigtlanders worth considering? I am about to click the buy button, but the Loxia is pricey and I'm just having second thoughts... The Voigtlander is literally half the price of the Loxia at the moment...
  4. Sounds like as much of a consensus as I'll ever get...buying the Loxia 21mm. Just about a month left before I leave...super excited!
  5. Hello, Headed to Ireland in August for 9 days. I need a landscape lens, the widest I currently own is a 35mm Loxia. The plan to visit some amazing places where I believe a Wide Angle lens will be a must. I'm pretty close to pulling the trigger on a Loxia 21mm. However I would like to see the group here believes is my best option based on my current kit. I am fine with Manual focus. Current Kit: Sony A7R2 Sony 85mm F1.8 Sony 55mm F1.8 Leica 50mm F2 Loxia 35MM F2 The other lenses I keep thinking about are, Batis 25mm, Voigtlander 15mm, Sony 16-35mm (although I kinda don't like zooms) Thanks in advance!
  6. So since I now only have an A7R2 and no other Sony Bodies, I still want a second body but don't want to buy another A7R2, get an original A7R or A7S as the second body? Around the same price used give or take $100-200 difference
  7. Perfect, this is kinda what I was looking for, real world experience with stills only in low light. So, I traded in my A7 and bought an A7R2. So I now have an A7R2 and the Fuji X70. I am thinking to buy an original A7S and be done. But Im still wondering if anyone can tell me whether it is worth it to buy the A7S2 over the A7S? Again this will only be for stills. I figure I will carry two bodies when I have the camera bag with me and probably 3-4 lenses. If I am traveling and want to be pocket size only, I will just use the X70. Any other time I would have the camera bag (backpack) and have room for two bodies and multiple lenses. So, can anyone tell me whether the A7S2 will give any advantage (worthy of $1000 or so more) over the original A7S for stills only?
  8. Thanks for the reply. A few things: The Fuji X70 is a fixed lens camera and I am using exclusively for travel when I don't want to carry a bag and just use something that can fit in my pocket. I have a few M mount lenses and I have the following Sony/ Zeiss: Loxia 50 F2 55 F1.8 Sony Zeiss 28mm F2 Sony I also have various adapted lenses like Canon and Nikon in the 50, 85 and 105 focal length. I was thinking the A7S would be great for super low light stills. And the A7R2 for everything else. ***I went to the camera store today and kinda didn't leave with what I was expecting*** Purchased, A7R2 and Leica 50MM Summicron F2. Let see if I still think there is a need for an A7S. Does anyone carry both an a7R2 and an A7S or A7S2?
  9. Not one response with 100 views? Do I need to clarify anything or restate the question?
  10. Hello, So, I currently have a Sony A7 original and a Fujifilm X70. I started to get into photography about 2 years or so ago and of course the obsession has set in... I want to upgrade and you have to follow my logic here, but this is what I am thinking: Keep the Fujifilm X70 for travel and general walk around (I love this thing) Buy a Sony a7S original for night still and low light stills only Buy a Sony A7RII for all other photography I got into photography mostly because I do a vintage car race in italy, but my job changed and I have been traveling over 200,000 miles a year in the air all over the world. I have been holding off from upgrading for a while and I am ready to pull the trigger. I have up to about $4000 to spend (+ or - a little). I do quite a bit of wandering at night and want something that performs in low light. If I am only looking for stills does the original Sony A7S still make sense? I think I can swing buying a nice used A7S and a new A7RII. Does this make sense? Have a different idea? Thanks! My instagram is jainbaby if you want to see the types of photos I take...
  11. Wow, looks great. I think I am going to purchase one. Have you by any chance attempted to take any pictures of Automobiles with this lens?
  12. UPDATE: After seeing some amazing test pics on the 70-200G Master, I think I am going to buy it.
  13. I have a A7. But I am planning to purchase an A7R2 in the next month or so. Ze De Boni, maybe its my computer but I don't think those pics look that great (just being honest). I decided I will sell the 40 Voigtlander and the kit lens. I will keep the 28F2, I disagree that its a cheap lens and isn't good. I think it is capable of some pretty amazing results. I am traveling in Asia the next two weeks but once I am back there is a vintage race car museum I am planning to visit and would like to order the lens now if possible. The museum has something called demo day and they bring 3 of the vintage race cars out of the museum and have them go around a small oval type track. There is a photographer who I think is amazing Julien Mahiels, he attends a lot of the same vintage car races and events that I attend and is I believe one of the best at filming vintage cars. I recently read an online interview and he mentioned his 200mmF2 and 85 F1.4 as the two lenses he uses the most. Here is a link to his gallery: https://500px.com/photo/134971241/porsche-356-by-julien-mahiels?ctx_page=1&from=gallery&galleryPath=21314351&user_id=151132 Seems a lot of the pics I like are shot at 200MM. He has a flick page too, but I can't seem to figure out if you can see what focal length each pic is shot at on Flickr. Anyway, I am thoroughly confused...I have an long flight to Japan ahead of me to think...
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