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  1. Very Very nice mood! Thank you for sharing
  2. kalpachev

    - Di -

    Hello people Just to share one of my last sessions with one of my favorite model: Di Dec 2017 London, UK All photos : Sony A7R II + Sigma MC-11 + Canon EF 24-70 F/2.8L Mark II (have done around 50 000 photos with this combo, most of the glamour/fashion, quite happy of the quality so far) Di by Kalin Kalpachev, on Flickr - Di - by Kalin Kalpachev, on Flickr Di by Kalin Kalpachev, on Flickr Have a nice Christmas and Greetings from London, Kalin
  3. kalpachev

    Anya - Portrait at Night

    I like the mood
  4. kalpachev

    Angry "Bird"

    Very nice !
  5. kalpachev

    Bedtime Stories with Viktoria, / Leica 50mm / Sony A7

    Beautiful photos, beautiful bokeh and beautiful post processing Very good work !
  6. kalpachev

    Helios-44-2 2/58

    Midnight. Piccadilly Circus, London, UK June 2016 Sony A7RII + Helios 44-2 manual lens WAIT by kalpachev1, on Flickr
  7. kalpachev

    Sony A6000 + Contax 90mm F2.8 Sonnar T*

    I am not able to edit the tittle of the thread. If some moderator could edit and remove the "sony A6000" bit will be nice Recently I chaged to Sony A7RII and I do not want to create another thread for the same lens, it's better here and anyone can contribute as well. Here is one from last night: Late night bar London, UK April 2016 Sony A7RII + Contax G Sonnar 90mm F/2.8 Late night bar by kalpachev1, on Flickr
  8. kalpachev

    Using APS-C Lenses on Alpha 7

    Sony A7RII and modified Sigma AF 60mm f/2.8 DN lens (removed rear baffle): 90% of the 42mp frame: London Underground by kalpachev1, on Flickr 100% of the 42mp frame: Mind the gap by kalpachev1, on Flickr
  9. kalpachev

    Industar 50-2

    Industar 50-2 50mm f/3.5 m42 pancake Old Russian manual lens. The camera is Sony A7RII Model: Dilyana April 2016 London, UK Lady by kalpachev1, on Flickr Di by kalpachev1, on Flickr Regards, Kalin
  10. kalpachev

    Helios-44-2 2/58

    Another from me: The place is Ace Cafe London 13 April 2016 Sony A7R II + Helios 44-2 : Ace Cafe London 13 April 2016 by kalpachev1, on Flickr Ace Cafe London 13 April 2016 by kalpachev1, on Flickr
  11. kalpachev

    Voigtlander 35 1.7 Ultron

    runnerpsu - I am using some cheap L39-NEX adapter and I am happy. Here is another two images from a few hours ago: (Sony A6000) London Underground - Central Line by kalpachev1, on Flickr Leytonstone tube station by kalpachev1, on Flickr
  12. kalpachev

    Metabones IV Focus Area?

    I am interested as well how this lens performed on A7 II and A7 R II, I plan to move on A7R II very soon and to get the Metabones Smart T adapter. Will keep an eye on the topic.
  13. kalpachev

    Sony A6000 + Contax 90mm F2.8 Sonnar T*

    A few more. London, UK 17 March 2016 Sony A6000 + Contax 90mm F2.8 Sonnar T* Lonely flower by kalpachev1, on Flickr Temple Underground station by kalpachev1, on Flickr Bicycle world by kalpachev1, on Flickr London... by kalpachev1, on Flickr
  14. kalpachev

    Voigtlander 35 1.7 Ultron

    One from today: London Underground Bakerloo line 13 March 2016, around noon, just before Stonebridge park station London, UK Sony A6000 + Voigtlander 35mm F/1.7 London Underground Bakerloo line by kalpachev1, on Flickr
  15. kalpachev

    Motorcycle travel with the A7

    Thanks for sharing the moments ! Nice photos.