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A6000+55-210mm at night


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17th of november here in Greece is the anniversary of anti-junta Polytechnic uprising and anarchists are fighting the police with petrol bombs etc.

So i went with my a6000 and the sel 55-210mm at night, to see if i can catch a shot against the big boys( ff with 2.8 zoom lens).

Of course you can compete with them but i think  the results are ok if you consider 55-210mm is 4.5-6.3.


all shots are handheld with oss on



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ISO:1600  144mm   f5.6   1/20sec 


ISO:2000  210mm   f6.3   1/8sec 


ISO:2000  153mm   f5.6   1/10sec 


ISO:2000  178mm   f6.3   1/20sec 


ISO:1000  136mm   f5.6   1/20sec 


ISO:1600  132mm   f5.6   1/8sec       

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