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Why sony why??????????????

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Why why why the microphone jack not wriiten on it microphone???

And in your manual when i looked i didnt aee anything specified microphone jack,

Why make it so hard,

Ive took 2 years of videos that 1 in a life time ,i cant revideo it... And ll of it i was using professional microphone,it turns out ive been putting it in the headphones jack!!!!!

This is naking me so furious !! 

Where in your manual it shows the headphones and the microphone port?

Where dont you put a picture of the camera ,detailing every single thing ?

Seriously so mad about it,and ik sure it happens to a lot of people












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8 hours ago, Shaypanda said:

Where in your manual it shows the headphones and the microphone port?

Right here:

Welcome, dear visitor! As registered member you'd see an image here…

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😄 i just don't understand how you recorded 2 years without checking your footage. I always check before shooting to ensure everything is spot on working, and even after shooting to see if i properly exposed, if the sound is all right and so on.

What about checking the audio while recording? If you would've used a headset (which is a must if you are using a professional video) to listen and check audio levels while recording, you would've noticed the mistake.



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Is it possible that the OP plugged the microphone into the headphone jack, but didn't use headphones, so the built-in microphone was still live, and so there is audio recorded, but but it was audio from the built in microphone, rather than the intended professional microphone? That would explain not spotting this sooner.

On my Sony cameras the microphone socket is red, and the headphone socket is not. And both are labelled with little icons - the headphone socket with a headphone symbol, and the microphone socket with a microphone symbol - the microphone one could be confused, but eh headphone one is pretty clear.

Which camera model are you using? Does yours have the little icons next to the sockets, and is the microphone socket red?

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