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Sony NEX-6 won't allow me to use AF/MF Select

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I have a pretty new Sony NEX-6 that I have been using with a TTArtisan telephoto Lens. The camera works great, except I've been unable to use Macro to focus on close up/smaller things as the AF/MF selection in the camera menu appears grey and unable to use. When I click it, it says "Invalid because lens not attached. Attach the lens correctly."- except this isn't true, the lens is attached perfectly as it should be, clicked into place and everything. I've attached and reattached it several times, no change. I've also tried the feature with a minolta wide angle lens, and it still had the same issue. Any ideas? 

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Your TTArtisans lens likely is a 'dumb' manual lens, meaning it has no electronic contacts to communicate with the camera. Since your camera can't communicate with it, it assumes no lens is attached even when the lens is properly mounted. Your camera can't autofocus dumb lenses (they don't even have an AF motor), so the option to select AF is not available.

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The NEX-6 has been discontinued for years. I still use mine occasionally as a backup body. Your lenses are purely manual focus. They have no electronic interface to the camera, so it can’t detect that a lens is attached. You’ll need to enable “Release w/o Lens” in the setup menu. Then set the camera to Aperture Priority” mode for auto-exposure. Manually focus each photo.

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