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"Unable to Display" photos on camera (a6400) after importing to my mac.

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If you delete your photos from the memory card on your laptop, the image library on the card gets bugged: the deleted photos are still in the library, but not actually on the card. Hence they are 'unable to display'.

Fix 1: don't delete photos from the card on your laptop, only delete them in-camera.

Fix2: Format the memory card in-camera after transferring photos to your laptop.

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19 hours ago, Pieter said:

Applicable to all E-mount cameras as far as I know, and not related to Mac. The only way to properly delete photos from the card is in-camera, or format the card in-camera after deleting photos on the card on some other device.

I just took five shots around the room, displayed them on the PC then deleted them.  Remove the SD card from the PC and plugged back into the A7II and pressed Play button and I get "No images in this view" message.  The same message that I get when I format the SD card in the A7II.

I shot 7 random photos, plugged the SD card in the PC and deleted 4 photos.  After dismounting the SD card from the PC, I plugged it back in the A7II and the 3 remaining photos were reviewable on the camera monitor and the 4 deleted images stayed deleted.  No unable to view message popped up.

I took another five shots. viewed the photos on the PC then did a quick format on the PC.  Removed the SD card from the PC, plugged it in the A7II.  Power on the A7II and immediately get "Image Database Not Found, Create?" message.  If cancel is pressed the camera tells you to re-plug in the card and format.  After I accept to create the image database and press Play button, I get the "No images in this view" message.

In conclusion (at least with my A7II), deleting any or all photos outside of the camera doesn't cause any problem but an SD card needs to be formatted in the camera in order for the camera to recognize the SD card and record media.

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