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Blank files on Mac Finder & Photos

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I got a a7c recently.

I could import the Raw files to Photos on my Mac without problem.

But yesterday all the Raw files on my SD cards appears blank on the Finder or Photos.

in Photos before import them I get the preview but after import them all RAW picture are blank in Photos.

I could imported them on my iPad.

I strange because I didn't upgrade my camera neither my Mac.

I use compressed RAW files but I got the same issue with uncompressed files.

The a7c version is 1.01

Mac MacBook Pro 16inch intel is 11.6

CleanShot 2021-11-17 at 19.03.07@2x.jpg

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I found that if I format the SD card in the camera it fixed the issue.

I first exported the jpeg  with Image Edge Desktop😉

If I import picture in Photos and delete them after import

I get "Unable to display" in the camera Playback

Does that mean that I have to format the SD cards each time I import picture to my Mac

to avoid question mark and .ARW issue?

I didn't had such trouble using my Fujifilm X-S10

Also, movie doesn't get imported automatically in Photos?

Is  /Private/M4ROOT/Clip the only way to export movie without opening Movie of Final Cut?

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I'm not sure why you have a problem, is your Mac system upto date?

If you have formatted the card in-camera for the first time and it has fixed that issue, that was probably the problem - any new cards you get will need formatting in the same way. (It could be that your Fujifilm came with a card already formatted?)

If you import to Photos and click the "delete after import" button. it clears those files from your card - so the camera is "unable to display". It does not mean you cannot display new photos on the card.

There should be no problem transferring .AWR (RAW) files to photos. I do it all the time from my A7Rii.

There is no need to re-format your card every time, although it is good practice to do it every now and again.

I cannot comment on video as I don't shoot any.

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thebeardedgroundsman Thank you for your reply.

About "unable to display"

Format the SD card with the camera fixed the "unable to display" question marks in the camera.

Ii's looks like if I erase the pictures of the SD cards from the computer the camera system get confuse.

Sure I can see the new pictures I took on the camera but all those question "?" marks are annoying.

And format the SD card each time with the camera to fix it is annoying also.

Fujifilm doesn't format the SD card automatically the first time I use it, but I don't get "unable to display"

message if I delete the picture from my computer.

About the Raw issue :

I update my a7c ILCE-7c to the 2.0 firmware 

I also discovered the Sony Camera Driver for Mac Intel and Silicon, and I installed too.

I don't know which one helped, but now I can see .ARW Raw files in the Finder or in Photos

Driver for Mac Intel


Driver for Mac Silicon


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