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  1. Great advertising picture for a lens that costs an arm and a leg!! Me, I would send these photos to Sony, and ask if the damage is covered. Worst case, they'll reject the claim. You've got nothing to lose.
  2. Camera or (most likely) lens needs to be repaired. Or both.
  3. Any flash needs time to charge. Time required depends on the particular flash design and, of course, battery charge available. Why the flash does not fire is another issue, and may have various causes, a defective flash being one of them. Do you say that the "Flash charge in progress" indicator light remains on, indicating that the flash does not charge? If true, with a fully charged battery, then your camera needs to be repaired.
  4. Quite good, especially the propeller, considering the shutter speed. Could you please provide more information about this Olympus extender?
  5. Some legwork (finger work, actually) shows that the OP does appear to be an airline pilot. Wild guess: for a Mid-Eastern airline, based on the fact that he posted, in another thread, 3 photos definitely taken from a cockpit, 2 of them showing aircraft with the livery of 2 Gulf airlines. Let us hope his employer does not ban the use of electronic devices in the cockpit, otherwise these photos might put him in the proverbial hot seat. So, what is this huge rectangular light grid at the bottom of the photo, which does look like the reflection of a ceiling light fixture?
  6. Reflection of a ceiling light in the window?
  7. Thanks. Yes, of course. It should have been obvious; I knew it was obvious.
  8. Anyone knows what "(PB)" stands for in the Custom Key menu?? As in https://helpguide.sony.net/ilc/1640/v1/en/contents/TP0001273807.html
  9. You're right, after waking up manual focus resets, which is quite annoying. If I needed what you need, I would use a non-autofocus lens.
  10. I find it easier to program the C1/C2/C3 buttons to open the settings I use most often.
  11. Could you provide more details about the camera setup? What mode is it in (big knob on top), to start?
  12. https://www.flickr.com/photos/144978190@N06/45618822522/in/album-72157702936281124/ I took a couple photos with and without HDR (see link). Camera is an HX-90V. HDR and was in manual mode, probably set to HDR level 4 (I don't remember exactly, and the EXIF data don't mention the setting). Photos were taken while standing in the middle of the street, at Avenue de La Motte-Picquet and Boulevard de Grenelle in Paris, this past October 10, around 10:50 am (photoephemeris.com/ will provide sun direction data). I think that HDR can be pretty useful in circumstances like these, i.e. unequal lighting. Even though the Bouquet de Grenelle bar was more or less in full sun, using HDR improved the photo significantly, with a much better color rendition of the building color, in particular.
  13. 1 & 2 are saved internally. M1 to M4 are saved to the memory card. Apart from that, I don't understand your question.
  14. I'm coming in late in this thread, so please forgive me if I overlooked or am repeating something. On my 6500, there is a setting called "Priority set in AF-S" (and in AF-C, too). It is on page 5 of the 1st tab. Available settings are AF, Release, and Balanced Emphasis. Playing with these settings may help with focusing onto fast-moving aircraft. With the 6500 and the 55-210 lens, I have good focus-related experience with moving aircraft (at least as long as there is nothing else in the lens field, such as a fences, poles and the like). Having the sun behind the photographer sure helps. However, when the aircraft occupies too little sensor space, focusing is more difficult, especially if shooting against the sun. But then again, the 6500 uses improved computing hardware compared to the 6300/6000, so my experience probably won't help much. It takes great airshow photos with the 70-300G, but even that combination does not have a 100% success rate.
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