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Switched from Canon, struggling though !


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Switched from Canon a few months back but struggling with Sony's menu and just general shooting compared to my Canon's, watched loads of YT tutorials but still struggle a bit with it. My main interest is astro using a tracking mount using a modded 600D, sold my 6D and all my L series lenses but I've just got another used 6D as I loved it but I will use the the Sony for astro.

Got a A7III with the 24mm GM to start with to try some wide field astro but yet to use it for that yet due to Convid ! I then picked up the Sony 35mm Zeiss, Sony 55mm Zeiss and the Sony 90mm Macro as I did some macro over lockdown but I want to get more in to general photography  ?‍♂️ so I'm committed to Sony now can't afford to swap back ?

I'm now after a zoom probably the 100-400 GM which I've posted a question in the lenses forum.

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