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Best Gimbal & Camera cage for an A7

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4 hours ago, casparz said:

Id like to use larger lenses so weight is issue

my experience pertains to GoPro class gimbals only. What I can tell you though is, that it's not only weight to be concerned about. Obviously you'll need to be able to  balance the gimbal about all three axes while idle. Usually, you'll be able to place the camera-lens combo's CG by means of some rail-like adapters in the suitable spot.

And then, a "large" lens also has physical dimensions. So, depending on what you intend to do with the gimbal, you may want to watch out for sufficient mechanical clearance, to allow for full rotation of the camera-lens combo within the respective gimbal arms.

As a combination of weight and "size" (length in particular), you'll have to deal with the "moment of inertia", which is the resistance against changes in rotational speed(s). So if you need ultra-quick reaction of the gimbal, you should give preference to _short_  lenses.

If in doubt between two candidates, pick the stronger one.

Good luck, and maybe you can post some of your future work once you have settled for a solution.


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