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How can I turn off AF with shutter on my Sony a7iii?

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It is really annoying that when I am video recording with continuous AF mode and I half press the shutter that my camera does refocus. Is there a way to turn this off???

In the stills menu you can turn off AF with shutter, but this doesn't work for video. I hope there is someone that can help me!

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How about not pressing the button? There is a way to disable this in a 7Sii for better focus when you need it and the option should be available in a 7iii. The shutter button AF racks the focus in a jarring fashion. There's a way to smooth this whole process out.

Turn AF w/shutter to OFF. Then assign AF/MF to back button AF. This way a press of the button allows you to manually focus on a spot while shooting, move image reference to something else, then releasing the button AFs to the new subject matter. The new acquisition of the focus point ramps smoothly into play, instead of the rack in, rack out, in, out, panic stop, PING. 

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I want to press the button to video record or sometimes accidentally. there is a option, but it only works for photo mode, not for video. I know how to set it up on a back button, but that doesn't solve te problem of the half press shutter button.

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