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  1. Maybe loose that 'wall' charger thinking. For one thing you'll always need need a wall. I can usually go all day on two batteries. One in camera. One in USB charger on smaller battery pack. If there's some down time I'll update the camera battery and charge in place. If I think it might not keep up I'll carry the double bay setup and the Ravpower in the backpack. For that $45 Best Buy one you can get both the smaller power supply and a USB single batt cradle and never have to panic scanning the horizon looking for a wall primeval when the warning starts flashing.
  2. 14:56 was a typo. 16:56 to 17:56 it was 42 minutes short. If my life was running this timecode I'd likely have another 400 years before my parking meter expires.
  3. You're living a charmed life relative to my Blackmagic Video Assist V. That pig LEAKS days, not hours. To be precise now, seeing as I just timed how bad it is, it lost 42 minutes in one hour. Set it at 14:56. One hour later it read 17:14. How's that for pathetic? (When I turned it on for the test the the date was December 22.)
  4. Perhaps this...? https://www.stellarinfo.com/disk-recovery/video-repair.php
  5. Face it, some people are just sloppy photographers, even when they're in the Big Leagues. From IMDB regarding the film noire movie TENSION under Goofs: Beach fight scene. World round the ocean is level but not in this movie. Cameramans first objective is to level the equipment, particularly when the horizon is such a prominent element especially when dealing with water. Here it's 0.69 to 2.0394 degrees off level depending upon whether the shot is along the beach or straight out to sea. (At its worse in the solo shot of Claire.)
  6. See if they'll play in VLC or maybe even Handbrake. Sometimes those two apps will play them while others won't. Will EditReady recognize them?
  7. Yes, many a file has been lost / misplaced with auto-import / auto-delete. And as far as archiving or storing on SD cards... I agree with that point. The UPPERCASE/lowercase trick I use is to differentiate between which ones HAVE been transferred and those that haven't been. And here's my reply to someone concerning renaming conventions.
  8. I see your problem starts with looking for a 'one click' solution for file transfers. This laziness will eventually lead lead to disaster because the files may end up one place you're not aware of with files deleted from the card automatically and then good luck searching for them under nonsensical DSC14779.jpg name they're tagged with by default. I transfer all files manually. I'll change the file extension of the files remaining on the card from the given UPPERCASE to lowercase as a way to signify they have been transferred elsewhere. I'll then batch RENAME the transferred files to something more meaningful that includes the event name and date, such as 001-Triathlon-072220.jpg. If I know the name or know the date I can locate the files among a flood of ambiguous DSC named files. As far as file data is concerned any decent imaging program should be able to display it, even the free ones. I wouldn't expect some generic catch-all program named File Explorer to have the chops to pull out EXIF data. No need to buy into subscription model image app. Capture One makes a free version tailored to use with Sony. https://www.captureone.com/en/capture-one-express/sony
  9. Shoot RAW if you don't want that pesky and troublesome white balance annoyance screwing things up for you.
  10. Best to use a RENAMING program. You can make it as detailed as you choose. Place date/time at beginning + shoot name + sequence number (based on time shot) + whatever you need to know. (Inserted a jpg image but it didn't showing properly but a GIF does albeit with odd colors.)
  11. My 'internal battery' remark was meant for the 'regular' camera battery and not the internal 'memory' one that keeps date and time settings during a battery swap. And on the lines of that 'memory' one that cannot be easily replaced... I had my camera serviced for a stuck shutter assembly and when returned it no longer retained the settings. Had to reset date/time after every battery swap. Quite an annoyance, yes, but I couldn't do without the camera for another few weeks more so I lived with it until the entire menu system went wonky a year later. THAT'S when the memory battery or capacitor finally got corrected.
  12. Check the internal battery contacts for debris or bendature. (That's not a real word but should be.) Once had a bit of plastic from the SD card break off preventing the card from making solid contact and just last week the Zoom H4N wouldn't detect ANY card inserted presenting a "No Card' error. Looked into the slot to discover a piece of card label preventing contact so check the receiving prongs.
  13. Happened to my 7Sii. Lived with it until the entire menu system wonked out and got both fixed at same time in Sony hospital. Has nothing to do with the removable camera battery. The internal capacitor circuit for D&T isn't doing its job holding a charge on battery swap.
  14. 6300 doesn't have the ability to shoot in the Cinetone profile whereas the FX6 does. I believe what you're looking to do is match the look from one camera to that of the other and that could be quite an undertaking if any of the many settings weren't dialed in to match as closely as possible. Gonna be a tricky task especially if the 6 was shooting in Cinetone and the 6300 was shooting in a standard, i.e. non-Log profile.
  15. Don't have access to mine right now but on the 7Sii it's under HDMI Settings. HDMI Info Display. Set to OFF.
  16. Lighting situation. Due to the refresh rate of fluorescent or LED. You won't see this effect outdoors or under incandescent lighting. Can be limited by adjusting shutter speed or frame rate.
  17. Don't understand the inquiry. Looking to MATCH that or IMPROVE that image? (Washed out. Weak contrast. Tepid colors.)
  18. Happen to have a dummy battery so you can run it directly off the mains as a test without having to use a battery at all? (Lousy batt life forced me into using larger capacity batteries externally). Another option is to power the camera via the USB charge socket (internal battery required to try this) and see if you get longer run times. USB isn't sufficient enough to keep up with the power draw but it does extend somewhat normal battery drain. Had multiple batteries tell me there was plenty of charge but cratered sooner than the 67% or whatever charge remaining indicated. Try setting Power Save to OFF and see how long the camera remains on in photo mode then video mode without actually doing either. Power save feature shouldn't enter into this because active recording keeps it from being implemented. Only when nothing's calling on camera resources does it kick into play.
  19. If you shoot video set to a picture profile it affects images as well UNLESS the camera shoots images in SILENT MODE. Then pics aren't affected by the flat looking profile and exposure compensation settings dialed into video mode. (That's been my eperience.)
  20. Yes, no enlarging to check focus in the 7Sii while in video mode but here's what I do to counter that. Picked up an elderly SmallHD DP4 off ebay. $65. It's small, plastic, and very light weight. Use it in Focus Peaking mode, B/W setting. I only need it for framing and focus. The Atomos or Blackmagic get used when I need the benefit of an external recorder but for focusing it's the DP4. The DP6 does the same thing but is larger & therefore heavier & overwhelms the Sony.
  21. This shows what an EVF looks like inside. It also tells of what happens when a camera gets wet. https://www.lensrentals.com/blog/2017/10/about-getting-your-camera-wet-teardown-of-a-salty-sony-a7sii/
  22. Banding due to artificial lighting. You'll never see it in daylight.
  23. There a reason to keep the specific camera model a secret from those trying to help? There's something like 50 different cameras in Sonys alpha corral. Knowing which of the ponies you ride would be a crucial detail worth revealing.
  24. With such a vague, non descriptive question lacking specifics you shouldn't expect anyone to waste their time answering it. .
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