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Zeiss Flektogon with K&F M42 adapter - gap between lens and adapter


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Last week I purchased the Zeiss Flektogon 35mm 2.4. for my Sony A7rii

I also purchased the K&F M42 NEX adapter

The lens attaches ok, and I can take photographs.

However there is a gap between the lens and the adapter. This cant be right!

Has anyone seen this? This is the right adapter isnt it?

Please help!

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Surely, despite your misgivings, you have checked the photos that you have taken ?


Have you not taken any  , yet  due to the assumed   gap ?

Go out, take a series of photos, then view the card on your computer.

That will imediately tell you, if its all sealed correctly

or if light is somehow getting  in ?

Get back to us, with your findings.

Good Luck

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