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  1. Hello Gurus. So I have my new A7Rii and I have a session booked soon with a model - I have not done this kind of thing before so I'm nervous. One idea to save me time and make myself look slightly less amateurish is to prepare my settings in advance, and save it all on M1 AF-C (was thinking of AF-S, but then Eye -AF wont work) Eye-AF Face recognition Focus area - i was going to use wide and hope that Eye-AF and Face recognition would take care of the rest. The alternative would be to use flexible spot but I am worried that this takes (me) too long to get right. Another idea would be lock-on AF (Center)... this is a real doubt for me. After a week or so with this beautiful machine I cant decide which focus area to elect. I dont think that the model will be running around or moving too much so there wont be too much movement. But then when he does move I dont want to end up with the focus on his beard. I would keep in Aperture Priority mode and keep it wide open at 2.8 (I am using Tamron 28mm-70mm) AWB/Auto ISO If I have forgotten anything please let me know - and please, if you have a view on which focus area to use do share.
  2. I just received my Tamron 28-75. Its huge, and the lens hood make it even bigger. But they tell me its not that big compared to other lenses.
  3. Im sorry if this is a naive thing to say but has this anything to do with the lens? Are you able to take the camera and have a regular E mount lens attached to replicate the issue?
  4. This isnt going to resolve your issue but why not consider the A7Rii ?
  5. Ha ha good one thanks Chrissie! The definition doesn't extend to camera equipment so i will just try. What happened to retail therapy? But yes, it has taken me months to get this far (with the purchase) and yes i cant wait to get it. One huge change is going to be carrying such a large camera with me. I have had a Sony RX for the last few years and compared to that the AR is about as discreet as a cement mixer. Its going to be different now - no more hiding the device under my hand.
  6. Hello All Just to let you know, last night I put an order in for the Sony A7Rii, together with the Tamron 28mm-75mm. Now I'm feeling guilty about all that money spent - but I had no choice! Thanks for the advice about the zoom/prime lens decision. DJ
  7. Thanks crysmeth. Money is tight as it is for most, but I dont mind spending properly if this is going to be the right lens for me. Im leaning to the zoom now ... most people seem to prefer the zoom. My question is : is there a significant trade off between the F1/8 of the prime and the F/4 of the zoom? Thanks again. DJ
  8. Thanks crysmeth. Yes, the Zoom would be the Sony 24mm-70mm F/4. I am looking at sample pics on Flickr for both lenses and the 55mm is more impressive. Thanks for your reply, it makes sense.
  9. HI Experts. I am on the cusp of a very expensive purchase - the Sony A7Rii Of course, next comes the lens... My doubts are around which lens: zoom or prime? Zoom would be the Sony 24mm-70mm F/4 Fixed would be the Sony 55mm F1/8 Does anyone have a take on which lens I should consider? I take mostly street/portrait/still life photographs. They are similarly priced. The zoom would be convenient and give me some scope for control, though "slower" at F/4 The prime would be faster, and wider at F1/8. It would not allow me to get any closer without moving my own body. I am pondering this: if the zoom is slower then I wont be able to take lower light pictures and the shallow depth of field would be much less. However, with the 42M full frame Sony, would I be able to just crop afterwards to get closer? Would the advanced sensor/higher resolution give me some wriggle room in this department? Is the quality of the 55mm always going to trump (yes, that is still a verb we can use) that of the slower zoom? Is it that obvious? I am undecided. Please help me, if you can. I am happily set on the camera, but this is costing a lot of money (that I should be spending on our car getting body work done to it) and I am 100% not likely to ever buy another similarly priced lens. Thank you in advance, David . I just realised there is another Sony zoom, the Sony E 16-70mm f/4, which i could consider.
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