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What? How is that possible??

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Hi all! I tell you this mystery that had me yesterday several hours breaking my head.

A friend calls me, who has bought an a6500, among other things, he will use as camera to stream. He calls me because   
 when he focuses on his face, some lines are seen. Nothing weird, simple flickering, so I'm going to explain to him that he has to change the shutter speed to synchronize the blinking and not see it. Well, no matter what speed we put, it did not disappear. Making tests and more tests, we saw that the light emitted by the keyboard and the light emitted by its 240hz monitor, are what cause flickering. Everything more or less normal, except that no matter how much we change the shutter speed, it does not disappear.

We test from 1/30 to 1/500 and nothing.

Where is the mystery? Well, if we put the camera in automatic mode, the flickering mysteriously disappears! Apparently the camera adjusts the exposure to 1/60 and still disappears .... can someone explain to me how?

I understand that the camera has some system that detects and neutralizes the flickering? Does anyone know? Because of course I do not know that option and in manual mode always appear the flickering.

Camera defective? 

We also tried to change the system to PAL and nothing at all.

The mode we used all the time was 4k, the objective is a 30mm 1.4 sigma. Any ideas will be very well received.

Thank you very much in advance!

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