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Found 3 results

  1. Hi. Newbie hobbyist who started last June. Does anybody know what would cause the "bullseye" in the center of this shot? I shot this using an a7r iii with FE 2.8/24-70 GM lens. My settings were 15 sec, f/4, iso 800. Also, I didn't see the bullseye on shots at 5 sec, f/4, iso 800. I had Long Exposure NR off for both shots. Thanks.
  2. I tried out my new a7II today with a new Zeiss Batis 18mm f/2.8 lens outdoors on a snowy river scene. A few of the shots had the Sun in the frame, and on every one there was a conspicuous pattern of green dots near the sunburst. Doesn't look like normal lens flare, but rather a "matrix" of equally spaced dots -- strange! It ruins the shots and I can't remove it decently in Photoshop. I assume it's an issue with the camera and not the lens, but I don't really know. Any ideas on what's causing this ugly artifact would be appreciated! Picture attached. Steve
  3. Hello All, Thanks in advance for your help on this. To start, I've been a sony user for a while now and up until recently thought I mastered my A7rii. I recently upgraded my system to the A7iii and having a great deal of buyer remorse. My primary reason for the upgrade is that the rii didn't perform as well in low light as everyone knows. Even the riii has the same issue and as I shoot a lot of interiors of homes, aircraft and luxury yachts, there are always very dark shadows. Having said that, between a Rokinon 12mm T2.2 lens. shooting slog2, premiere pro and neat video, I have been able to create some very nice video. With the A7iii, this is not the case. I am getting a lot of artifacts and color distortion in the footage. At first I thought maybe the lens, so I put on a Sony 16-35mm f2.8 lens (in Canada, plus$3000 lens) and I get the same issue. I've tried a Tamron 28-75mm f2.8 and again the exact same problem as the 12mm. If I set the scene, right now the test is in a newly renovated kitchen. White walls, and main cabinets are white. The island is a very dark almost black blue. In the corners of the white I get color variations and on the blue island you can actually see chunking almost really back banding with square blocks. The Stainless steel refrigerator is the same as on a bright day, you can actually see with the eye, almost a rainbow effect. And it's not just slog2. I've wanted to shorten my workflow, so I have tried Cine 4 and the new HLG specifically HLG2 and I get the exact same results. I've reset my camera twice and am on v3.0 of the firmware. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciate. Robert
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