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A7lll & 18-105 Lens?

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I’m about to purchase the A7iii, moving up from an older Nikon DX.  I live in an area where there are no A7iii’s on display, much less the 18-105.  While I’ve been able to see and hold other Sony mirrorless cameras similar to the A7 I’ve not seen one paired with the lens.  I’d like to know if the combination handles well in terms of balance, weight, etc.. Is this a comfortable system?  Also, my purchase will most likely be through B&H.  Thoughts would be appreciated before I move to this exciting camera.  Thanks.

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This is a very common question and the answer depends upon your needs, budget, and personal preferences.  I have had or do own the three lenses that are the main consideration:

1.  Sony Zeiss 24-70 f4.  Concern here is variation of performance from copy to copy..lots of good review, lots of negative.  New around $900 I believe

2.  Sony 18-105 F4 ......I really disliked this zoom because of the power zoom feature

3.  Sony 24-70 2.8...a great general purpose lens but heavy and expensive.  This is the lens I chose to keep but it sells new for around 2K.

If I couldn't afford or like the 2.8 I would choose the 24-70 F4 over the 18-105.  But you have to decide if the power zoom works for you and if you need the extra reach to 105.  The 24-70 is a really nice, compact, low weight general purpose zoom.

By the way, you will love the new camera.  There is a bit of a learning curve coming from Nikon; be sure to check out the tons of youtube videos available on the camera and the lenses mentioned above.



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The 18-105 f4 is designed for APS-C Sony alpha cameras like the A6500 or the A6000. When used on the A7III, it has to be on cropped mode which will reduce the resolution of the image from 24mp to 10mp. It also becomes a 27-157.5mm focal length when used on A7III in cropped mode or on A6500.

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