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  1. Yes, of course. Go to Custom Key Shoot (second camera tab page 8/9 Select Custom Key (shoot) Assign Center Lock on AF to which ever button you prefer. I set mine to the Center Button.
  2. Amazing! What was the exposure?
  3. tinplater

    Back Button Focus for A7 III

    When I go to custom key setting and choose multi-slc center btn I get 22 pages of options for what you can set the multi select button to...just toggle right or left through the pages, up and down for choices. AF On selection is page 5/22
  4. tinplater

    Alternative 70-200 2.8

    I really enjoy using my full frame 70-200 F4 on my A6500. I would not recommend adapting a zoom tele if you need fastest possible autofocus. I did not become fond of my 70-300 and sold it and I really disliked the 24-240.
  5. I view the new AF real time tracking as a very important feature, along with animal eye autofocus. Latter coming to the A7III, I keep my fingers crossed a future update may include the new AF system.
  6. With the new firmware updates, Sony has also updated a software program that, I believe, will edit and stitch together the stills into a streaming video.
  7. The newest firmware upgrades are really welcome from my perspective. Animal Eye Autofocus in particular. It appears that the new enhancement AI Tracking is not included (at this time) for the A7III. But I did find this quote in Digital Camera World which give me hope that maybe in a future upgrade after 3.0 Sony A7R III and A7 III Version 3.0 update, due April 2019 Not to be left out, the A7R III and A7 III will also get the new enhanced Real-time AF performance boost, available in continuous AF (AF-C) mode by half-pressing the shutter button. They too will get Real-Time Eye AF for animals and interval recording for time-lapse movies (ahead of the A9, interestingly).
  8. At present 70-300 or 70-200 f4 are your only choices. I have had both, the 70-200 was a better overall lens in my opinion. It is constant f4 and superb opticlaly.
  9. I believe you will find the speed of acquiring focus disappointing. I had a batch of adapted Canon glass and over the past two years have parted with it all because of hunting and or slow focus. For something like "high speed RC model aircraft" I believe you should not go the adapted route and save for good native glass.
  10. Just comparing from memory concerning my old a6000. Amount of noise is a very personal matter...I'm quite happy with my owl shot in very dark conditions.
  11. Coming from film days when ASA 400 was "high speed" I look at anything above ISO 1200 as amazing and you are probably just expecting too much from your older model A6000, slow lens, and ISO 3200. With my A6500 and A7III I can shoot with acceptable results at ISO 6400. These new cameras can literally see in the dark. Here is an owl I shot at 3200 using a6500
  12. tinplater

    Sony Zeiss 55mm f1.8

    Here's a snapshot of my daughter. I ultimately sold my 55 1.8 and replaced it with the 50mm 1.4. You can see the CA in the background. The 55 is a terrific lens however.
  13. It is a bit of a steep learning curve, I found about a half a dozen youtube videos very helpful with auto focus. Also with setting up custom button functions and basic settings for the camera.
  14. tinplater


    Always carry my A6500 and 18-135 with me on the golf course. Rick getting out of trouble...love this little camera/lens combo.
  15. Probably just me and my big clumsy thumb, but I really dislike the rear dial. I find it very difficult to rotate it without pressing one of its button functions.
  16. tinplater

    New A6500 owner needing lens advice.

    All of your requirements can not be met within your budget. However I think the absolute best choice for you is the Sony 18-135 which is one dollar under budget. After you have that lens, my next purchase recommendation would be to add the Sigma 16mm 1.4
  17. Preface by saying I rarely use flash. However I do have the Nissin i40 and i60 flashes and they work perfectly. You should start by going to the menu camera icon #1 page 11/14 "Flash". I use fill flash, flash comp 0 Exp Comp Ambient & Flash. Set my flash unit to TTL (left dial) and Exp to 0.0 (large right dial) Because these dials can inadvertantly be moved, I put a small white sticker on the dial for alignment at above settings. I like to use manual on the camera and experiment with different shutter speeds, aperture, exp. compensation to get a nice balance between ambient and flash lighting. This should get you started with some properly exposed images...after that you're on your own to explore the confusing number of adjustments you can make to your flash photography.
  18. I think you can get expert guidance from photographers who specialize in birds in flight and aviation photography. Lock on is helpful when objects come between you and your target, like a soccer match, etc. Like Les commented, continuous focus with wide focus area is probably a good option where your target is pretty much isolated from the background. Try a google search for camera settings for birds in flight or aviation photography and see if that gets you what you need.
  19. I rarely shoot video but did encounter some problems with recording. In terms of original post, make certain your microphone plug has TWO stripes, not three (I use the little Sony hot shoe microphone and a Rode). I couldn't see the audio display while shooting...discovered I had precluded it with my lcd disply options. You have to be in movie mode to adjust audio. I suspect the best solution may be to take your microphones and camera into a shop and let them try and sort out whether it is a camera, microphone, or user problem. In my experience it is usually the latter!
  20. tinplater

    Alternative 70-200 2.8

    Have both the 100-400 and the 70-200 f4. No issues with the latter at all. It is really quite light, excellent optics. If you can live without the f2.8 aperture, it is a great value lens that will produce images very nearly the quality of the more expensive version.
  21. tinplater

    A7lll & 18-105 Lens?

    I would guess cost, wider angle and power zoom feature. But no question the 24-105 would be my choice.
  22. tinplater

    ARW size

    I rarely shoot RAW but I do believe when I use DNG converter the same thing happens so I don't think you are doing anything wrong.
  23. tinplater

    Sony A7III ... Game Changer!!!

    Intriguing image. Thanks for sharing.
  24. Thanks Les...however I am going to have to be REALLY good (probably next year), my laptops are perhaps 10-15 years old and never used now that most hotels have a business center!