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  1. Write cycles supposed to be over 100,000 so I have never concerned myself with exhausting a card on that basis. I reformat after as little as a few shots, just to have nothing on the card but the current shoot. My little Canon SL1, which I have used for years daily posting Ebay images must have been reformatted perhaps thousands of times and the card (and camera) just keep right on functioning.
  2. You are not well covered at 24 because of f4 max aperture currently. If I were to choose just one fast prime it would be 24mm GM. It is small, superb optics, click aperture ring, but you pay for that quality.
  3. Could you be in auto iso multiframe noise reduction? It is very simple to end up there when you think you are just in auto ISO.
  4. I just keep on with Lightroom 6.14 despite the fact that it can't be updated for new cameras and lenses. I didn't like the concept of paying the monthly fee which will undoubtedly increase down the road. For now, my needs have been very nicely met with the old desktop stand alone program.
  5. I have used one of the wet swab systems for years, multiple times, without an issue and with complete resolution of the sensor dust that resisted blowing. I figure it has saved me perhaps 300 to 400 dollars versus having the camera shop clean it. Just work slowly and carefully. It is a snap to do.Check out some youtube videos.
  6. I assume your photographs are over exposed when the flash fires? If that is the case either your adapter is defective or you didn't receive the correct adapter. A dedicated flash is a much better option. I use Nissin i40 and i60, many will also recommend Godox. I rarely do flash photography so you may get a better answer from someone else, but do you have your camera flash options set to "fill flash"?
  7. My experience with Sigma has been very positive. I would suggest you determine a list of focal length primes or zooms you wish to consider, then do some searching for reviews and opinions for individual lenses. There are many superb non Sony lenses available. Once you have arrived at a want list, then I personally would buy used on Ebay (where you can get a full refund, even if the seller won't accept returns) Remember that many of the non native lenses will be manual focus, that auto focus with non sony lenses can be problematic...so you have to do some research.
  8. It is true with a wide angle lens used as a portrait lens you have to be aware of noses, arms, legs. But as a 24mm prime lens it is phenomenal. Couple it with the Sony 85mm 1.8 and you have two superb primes.
  9. Second the recommend for the Sigma 16. I only have two cropped frame lenses...the Sigma and the 18-135. Two almost compulsory lenses for the A6500 (or A6400 too!)
  10. No...that is the one thing missing; using lenses with built in OSS is going to be important for many shooting situations. But the new AF tracking, improved eye AF and animal eye AF is compelling.
  11. Interesting, for some reason the "display" looks like I have seen it before, but can't recall the circumstances. But my A6500 doesn't do this. What do you have the AF/MF button set to? I would reassign something to it and see what happens...
  12. Assuming your camera was set to either JPEG extra fine or RAW you have a very large image size. It is possible that you processed, say in Lightroom, and then exported the files in a downsized fashion? Or you may have taken a large image and severely cropped to select just a tiny portion of the photo, then try and enlarge that small picture to a large size?
  13. Just shows you can't please everybody. But if there is one lens drop in a couple million lens mounts and zillions of images taken, I would think that's probably pretty good design. The "design fault" may actually be your long fingers.
  14. I think you have forgotten that the aperture is controlled by the aperture ring on the lens! You can select the red A on the aperture ring and the lens will then allow you to control aperture by the camera if you prefer.
  15. Unfortunately your image really is not very good. The child's face is totally out of focus, point of maximum sharpness is the R shoulder.
  16. It is complicated but lots of help available on line, particularly youtube. For now, if you wish to pursue RAW, why not shoot RAW plus JPEG and have both formats available for you until you get comfortable,
  17. You need a separate program such as Sony's Image Data Converter or Lightroom to process the RAW format to DNG. Also depends upon which camera you are using as some of the later cameras do not support the new RAW format (like my Lightroom 6 and my Sony A7III).
  18. Is this the display continuous auto focus area that you are referring to?
  19. I'm not sure I understand you...does the camera function properly with back button focus? If yes, then I suspect you have turned off focus with shutter?
  20. This sounds like a definite camera malfunction that will probably require a visit to the repair shop.
  21. I personally feel that it is reasonable to provide an answer if you have one to offer. This forum is sorely lacking in participants; anything that can be done to be helpful seems worthwhile to me.
  22. I have only made one experimental time lapse video using play memories perhaps three years ago so I don't have any real advice....but....you say you are shooting in silent shutter? That seems to interfere with several camera functions, so just for fun I would turn silent shutter off and see if that has any effect.
  23. Note The longer the exposure time, the more noise will be visible on the image. After shooting, noise reduction will be done for the same amount of time that the shutter was open. However, you cannot shoot any more while noise reduction is in progress. You cannot set the shutter speed to [BULB] in the following situations: [Smile Shutter] [Auto HDR] [Picture Effect] is set to [HDR Painting] or [Rich-tone Mono.]. [Multi Frame NR] When [Drive Mode] is set to the following: [Cont. Shooting] [Self-timer(Cont)] [Cont. Bracket] [Silent Shooting] If you use the above functions when the shutter speed is set to [BULB], the shutter speed is temporarily set to 30 seconds.
  24. The A6500 and others will not allow you to choose Bulb mode in continuous shooting. That has been my experience and what it says in the a6500 manual.
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