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  1. Although less likely than just a menu change as noted above, is something covering the eye detector fooling the camera into thinking your face is at the viewfinder?
  2. In Movie Mode? Camera Tab2 page 2/9 Movie2 Audio Recording On? Camera Tab 2 page 2/9 Audio Rec Level selected? Microphone, of course, may have an on/off switch and most importantly a gain level selector that adjusts the volume of the microphone as well.
  3. I use Nissin flashes and it is s simple easy to execute button press on/off..no danger of breaking the flash. Just touch the button.
  4. You are correct! I was just looking at the icon for flash off, didn't actually press to activate. It appears for whatever reason you can only use the flash off / on function from the menu when in green auto mode...wonder what the rationale for that is?
  5. Works on my A6400...and A9. Are you in silent shooting mode? Sounds like you have a conflicting parameter checked like silent shooting.
  6. What is wrong with physically turning off the flash? That seems easier than going into the menu and hunting for flash on off? However if you really want to do that check out the menu section devoted to flash. On my A9 it is camera 1 tab page 10/13 "flash mode". There you have multiple options including "flash off".
  7. Manual Mode is the key. I intuitively thought it would be found in Shutter Priority.
  8. I too was unable to find bulb despite checking other forums; one solution, to perform a setting reset, didn't work. I know you have to be in single shot, non continuous focus, and mechanical shutter but all of that still doesn't get beyond 30 seconds on my A9 post firmware update.
  9. I am not a video shooter, but more gradual change of focus would be favored by me rather than instant snapping around that is best for single shot shooting? The videos I have shot with my A9 have been very well focused and pleasing to view, but again I rarely shoot video.
  10. If I understand your question correctly, the peaking display is found camera 1 tab page 13 of 14 (on my A6400). Item "peaking setting" where you can turn it on or off, adjust level and color of peaking.
  11. Did you answer your own question? Placing the camera in video mode puts it on standby until you press to start shooting. If you choose to shoot, for example, in manual mode where you select all parameters of the video, it will not show standby, but go directly to record when you press the record button.
  12. I think you will find it is more cost effective to sell your camera for parts on Ebay and buy a nice used replacement. Two things amaze me: 1. How expensive repairs are. 2. How much you can actually get for a broken camera on Ebay.
  13. I own both the 100-400 and the 70-200 f4 version. I still use the 70-200 when the F4 aperture and lighter weight are more important than reach. Both lenses are excellent, the 100-400 has provided me with marvelous images of birds, kids playing soccer, and portraits when I want the compression effect of a tele. Optically it is an amazing lens; I'm certain you will enjoy yours. Here is a shot of an owl, taken in near darkness, hence ISO 4000.
  14. Haven't used the lock feature...but perhaps this is what you are looking for? http://docs.esupport.sony.com/dvimag/ILCE6000_guide/en/contents/TP0000226640.html
  15. I purchased my A9 lightly used for $2800 on Craigs List (prices have plummeted past month) After keeping both bodies, I ultimately sold the A7III. The autofocus live view tracking is amazing and was the deal sealer. The only current advantage for me of the A7III was animal eye AF but that is coming to the A9 later this summer. For most users, the 20fps silent shutter, and no blackout will be the compelling feature. Note however: I do not like the double wheel dial that must be used to chose drive and focus mode. It can be convenient but you no longer can memorialize those settings to a memory niche but physically must select what you want for the memory stations.
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