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  1. I rarely use 50mm; when I want to go light with a native prime, I choose the 35mm 2.8. When I want to have a single prime that covers a lot of situations and produces stellar images I choose the 24mm 1.4.
  2. On the other hand, Sony just rolled out a HUGE version update for the A9, essentially transforming the Eye and auto focus tracking, and has a summer update scheduled for Pet Eye AF Those improvements will possibly blunt any replacement A9 sales, and would lead me to believe that a new camera is a ways off. I would guess the A7000 will come before the A9II
  3. Here is what works for me: Set the camera up the way you want it Go to Memory Choose 1, 2, or (3) to assign the setup to the memory niche Press wheel button to save you will get a "registered" response. That is it. Now let's say you want to change the shutter speed. Go to MR #1 Now change shutter speed Now register the new settings by going to memory from the menu and register the settings a second time. If you don't do that the camera will revert back to the original assigned settings. In other words, if you want to save an adjustment, you have to re register them in memory.
  4. Just wondering why you couldn't find help in the "hundreds" of folks with this problem or issue who have previously posted about it on the internet. If the hundreds haven't been able to help you, its very unlikely the few folks here are going to have a solution, if one exists. But fine, goodbye.
  5. Isn't it interesting how folks have completely different preferences! The first thing I turn off on my new Sony cameras is the auto review. It just slows things up. When I need to see an image, I just hit play.
  6. Forgive me, instead of total or near total silence I guess i should have said "relative quiet". I get what your problem and complaint is...what I don't get is, if indeed there are "hundreds" of other posts on line complaining as you are, didn't any of those "hundreds" get an answer to this question? Why bring it up here again if there is so much information out there already?
  7. It is strange that with millions of folks making videos with these cameras more aren't complaining about this. I guess if what you want is total or near total silence you have to decrease audio level in post processing during those stretches where you want decreased ambient sound. That is easy to do.
  8. I wonder if in video mode you might be more aware of focus changes as the camera hunts for the small eye target, where a face being larger might result in less focus hunting? Also in video generally your subject is viewed in much less detail as opposed to still photography where you may zoom in and pixel peak just to check focus. In a talking head video, for example, I don't think one would notice the difference between focus obtained on the eye versus focus on the face. Just a few thoughts, not based upon fact or knowledge. (typical for me)
  9. It would be a rare circumstance where I would want "nose" AF rather than "eye" when focusing on a face! Face recognition helps make eye af more efficient.
  10. I had this happen to me and for the life of me I can't remember what setting it was that resulted in this. If all else fails, do a camera reset.
  11. Go to page 6/14 camera tab 1 and choose face/eye AF set Turn face/eye prty in Af to Off Subject Detection Human Use your custom button assigned to EF as usual. I prefer assigning that function to the focus hold button on the barrel of the lens (if it is on the lens in use).
  12. Might be time to sell for parts and replace with a new version.
  13. You should have no problem. I upgraded my A9 from version 1 to 5. A few things...turn off all other applications, use your Sony cable, have a fully charged battery. Most importantly the soft ware you want to run is in the RESOURCES folder, you have to open that folder to gain the system updater.
  14. Anything is possible when it comes to me and tech. I deleted the downloads and then redownloaded. The key to success in my case was to open the resource folder and use that app, not the one that is not in a folder, just there as an ap with a goofy looking logo as I recall.
  15. It took me four tries...I kept getting play memories import opening! Then I finally opened the "resources" folder and there is the update program you need to use. One try there and success. Why Sony hides the app inside that folder is hard to understand.
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