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  1. tinplater

    Noob question

    I just thought it was username taking on a whole new persona...
  2. tinplater

    Noob question

    You have lots of options in controlling your camera. Nice thing about digital...no worry about the cost of many exposures! Experiment. If you are serious about learning what your camera can do, start in manual mode, change ISO, aperture, shutter speed and see what happens. For most general shooting I choose aperture priority and ISO and let the camera select shutter speed. If I am handing the camera to someone else to take a photo for me, I put it on auto program and let the shooter press the shutter. Otherwise I avoid the program modes; quite often I will set it to manual, select aperture, ISO, and shutter speed, and then keep eye on exposure indicator and histogram. Simple to adjust exposure using the exposure dial next to shutter button. One word of caution, sometimes that wheel gets moved from zero to something you didn't realize was in play. (Note, the exposure compensation dial is inactive in manual mode unless you select auto ISO) However to answer your question..yes. Choose Green Auto on mode dial and push the shutter button.
  3. tinplater

    Looking for a portrait lens

    It does well for portraits, some might say too sharp! But it is one of my favorite lenses, stellar as a macro lens so you can have superb macro shots, and nice portraits too. But I wouldn't purchase it just to be used as a portrait lens. The 85mm 1.8 fills that role nicely but not anything close to macro capabilities.
  4. tinplater

    Flash slave/master query

    A possibility would be to buy the Nissin receiver which, if version available, would transform your sony flash to a remote with both flashes fired by the commander? I have no experience with Sony old hot shoe adapters, but for around $12 you can get one that converts your old shoe flash to new shoe, then put that combo into a Nissin receiver. Or do what I did and purchase the little Nissin i40 (my favorite little flash) and couple that with the Nissin receiver.
  5. tinplater

    Unable to format an SDXC card

    You are all set to take a lot of photos/video!!!
  6. tinplater

    Sony a7 autofocus issues

    duplicate post..
  7. tinplater

    Sony a7 autofocus issues

    How many cameras do you have? You have posted, I believe, questions re A6000, a7, a7r2 if I recall correctly? And looking at a6500? and the newest model?
  8. tinplater

    Is the Sony a6500 worth getting?

    That is a great price, assuming nice condition, etc. On Ebay the camera is selling for more than $8oo. I would jump at that purchase...use the camera and if a new version comes out that you have to have, sell the a6500 and apply to the new. The a6500 is a great camera, and you can own and sell (if so decided) for less than renting for a couple of weeks. If you wait for the latest model, you will never have a camera....
  9. tinplater

    Unable to format an SDXC card

    Just saw this at DPReview: https://www.dpreview.com/news/0675878868/sony-users-reporting-issue-using-128gb-sandisk-extreme-sd-cards-with-a7-iii
  10. tinplater

    Next portrait lens for full body shots at close range.

    I have add excellent results with the Sigma 16mm. It is a wonderful lens and 1.4 max aperture as well. Very versatile really..
  11. Since you are traveling by motorcycle, I would recommend you consider a backpack style camera bag. I use the Lowepro slingshot 102W and it is a great little bag. It has a raincover too! I hope the 85mm batis works for you...I would have advised against a single prime lens and instead use a more flexible zoom such as the 24-105 f4. In your backpack or bag you probably wouldn't notice the slight weight/size difference. Your 85mm is not optimal for landscape photography and isn't very long in terms of telephoto reach. Generally considered more of a portrait lens.
  12. tinplater

    A7R3, Eye AF and AF-C... winning combo?

    I Get virtually little if any hunting using eye af and Sony native lenses..I generally use "wide" AF area, face recognition on, continuous, and multiple exposures per second drive on my A7III. Be sure shutter speed is fast if your subject is moving. Hunting will be very dependent upon lighting conditions too. And I also have to remind myself to be rock steady with the camera.
  13. tinplater

    Unable to format an SDXC card

    Well at least you will be able to enjoy your camera and slot 1! I don't know from your thread if you have been able to get the Sandisc card to work in a different camera...if yes then sell it on Ebay if you can't get a refund but I would be certain the card does work with some cameras before reselling.
  14. tinplater

    Unable to format an SDXC card

    Your experience makes me believe this might be a slot 1 problem in your camera. I would contact Sony for guidance or exchange camera.
  15. I guess you don't need advice anymore? I was going to suggest you consider the 18-135. Coupled with the Sigma 16mm 1.4 it makes a potent two lens system.