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  1. tinplater

    Moderation of this forum

    Totally agree....what I don't get is his inevitable follow up post that the issue has been resolved!
  2. tinplater

    Sony 24-105 f4

  3. Since I don't do video, can't really help you. But you might experiment with the memory 1 and 2 dial options to lock in a set of parameters for two shooting situations? I have mine set for settings I use for portraits and action photography and can switch back and forth with a simple twist of the dial. Also the "MY MENU" (star icon) allows you to choose the parameters you choose frequently without having to hunt through the large menu menu. I find that extremely useful for quick access to change something (like silent shutter, touch shooting, etc). You can assign file format, record settings S&Q and so forth to that easy to find and get to menu.
  4. tinplater

    Audio not working. A7R3

    As mentioned above, need to know are you talking about audio levels during recording or the beeps the camera makes when it achieves focus? (latter won't be active if you are in continuous focus, for example.)
  5. At first glance it would seem likely you have the camera set to "vivid" or someother effect. Are you shooting RAW or JPEG?
  6. tinplater

    A7III posterization banding

    Your eyes are far better than my 75 year old peepers....after close examination all I can see are what I would guess are telephone wires and clouds!
  7. tinplater

    Why does ISO blink?

    Welcome..don't be afraid to ask questions. However it is generally a good idea to research your questions first as many new to photography folks ask the same questions over and over. I would strongly suggest you go to youtube and check out the numerous tutorials on the Sony a7III. Invest some time and practice with the camera...really good news you don't have to worry about wasting "film" as you experiment with all the numerous options available to make great pictures. As for your pink line, weird banding effects can show up under unique lighting conditions; posting an image or two would help get you some guidance with that problem.
  8. tinplater

    Sony Customer Service and Repairs

    The bayonet mount is actually available on Ebay (at least it has been in the past) for around $50. I don't know if it is a simple matter to unscrew the screws and replace the piece, but worth looking into.
  9. Sigma makes a magnificent 16mm 1.4 lens. However it is a cropped frame lens and has equivalent field of view of 24mm on a full frame sensor.
  10. I own two lenses that would be of interest to you but both would have to be rentals as they are above 1K One is my really new to me 24mm 1.4 Sony. I have used it for a couple of days and it is amazing, I think the sharpest lens I have ever used. It should be spectacular for landscapes and interiors, low light. Second is the 12-24 F4 zoom. But between the two, I would favor the 24mm. However it may not yet be available for rental as it is just recently released.
  11. I had a similar problem because my computer was very slow in processing the large RAW files. Have you tried to view the files on a different computer?
  12. No, leave it on auto. You need to try your lens on another a6500 body to see if it is a camera or lens issue. I suspect camera because your lens works fine on your A7. If it is your camera body, I would do a camera reset and try it again. I just went outside and snapped this. Unfortunately you can only upload 1mb of data but I am very satisfied with the sharpness of my 70-200 on A6500
  13. tinplater

    24mm GM review

    In my experience, yes. It is just easier, for example, to get horizon level with a 200mm lens because the effect of small adjustments are easy to see (using viewfinder level). With a 24mm the horizon is obviously a distant feature. However I do most of my leveling in lightroom anyway.