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  1. Hello, Steve C!

    Do you per chance also post on SA - usually on PMs? 

  2. That's (or daz) all he ever does. Kvetching about other people's questions and offering nothing to the table, that right Gollum?
  3. I see this (snow scene) as an ideal scenario for an incident light meter. It never failed me when using slide film and it won't fail now. It's also less costly than throwin' hot cawfee al o'er the lens and saying "thazzdunnitgood", bro.
  4. Steve C

    Sony FE 24-105mm f/4 G OSS Lens

    Hmmmmm. https://www.lensrentals.com/blog/2018/02/mtf-tests-of-the-sony-fe-24-105mm-f4-oss/ Sigma is half the cost practically and not a great deal in it. Sony does have the edge as it were but I guess it depends on your composition and enlargement requirements.
  5. www.the135stf.net/samples3.html#galleries/new/MJF_20080308_3006.jpg
  6. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1393485-REG/sigma_105mm_f_1_4_dg_hsm.html
  7. 18 and 85. If you got the space then put the 55 in for good measure. I reckon that's the one you'd use the most but you did say lenses.
  8. I do,you cannot guarantee against accidents and a filter is cheaper and easier to replace than a front element. I'd add B & W to the choice mixture.
  9. Hey there,after having no serious response to a prior vendor of such wunnerful goods (possibly a competitor) could you maybe supply a stripey top and lone ranger style face mask? There's two of us here needing supplies. Where do you recommend fleeing to with our ill gotten gains?
  10. No Gollum,it was my attempt at humour. There was however a response.Move along,nothing to see here. ;-)
  11. Steve C

    Sony A7II Shutter Count

    And were conceivably better made. How did you count 500,000 shutter trips on a film camera anyway?
  12. Steve C

    Sony A7II Shutter Count

    Shutter count never mattered in the days of film. Just how many Nikon F photomics are still operational. Blasted digital nonsense.
  13. Excellent work. Do you perchance supply striped tops and 'Lone Ranger' style face masks too? I wanna rob a bank and flee to Rio. Thanks. X
  14. Steve C

    Low Light issues

    F2.8 isn't fast enough if you're having troubles with a 50mm prime which is surely going to be a stop faster at least?
  15. Konica has some very nice lenses and at a low price if you're inclined to gas.