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a6500 - recall modes 1 & 2 stuck in P mode. How to turn to manual?

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Hi there. I'm having some problems with my a6500 camera. I use recall 1 & 2 to shoot video - 1 for 4k and 2 for slow mo. I've used the camera for about half year without any problems, but one time, when I turned on the camera, P (priority) mode appeared on recall 1 & 2. I won't let me choose my exposure settings manually and I can't shoot any video with the automatic P mode. I tried resetting the camera to it's factory settings, but the problem is still there. I've googled every possible option and can't find the answer, how to turn off the P in recall modes. If there is anybody who would know, how I can fix this, I would be very thankful! I have a very important shoot coming in 2 days and I have to get this thing fixed. I added some photos, so you can see, what's the problem. Many thanx!


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If it's any bit of a clue, altho my Sony interface is

different, I do think the asterisks indicate that you 

are in AE lock ?   


Also, FWIW, have you DL'd the PDF versions of 

both user manuals/guides ? They are no clearer 

than the paper versions, but at least they offer a 

key word search feature that helps to find every 

mention of whatever controls might be affected. 

IOW, exactly same muddy info, but less pain.  

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