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a6500 - recall modes 1 & 2 stuck in P mode. How to turn to manual?

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Hi there. I'm having some problems with my a6500 camera. I use recall 1 & 2 to shoot video - 1 for 4k and 2 for slow mo. I've used the camera for about half year without any problems, but one time, when I turned on the camera, P (priority) mode appeared on recall 1 & 2. I won't let me choose my exposure settings manually and I can't shoot any video with the automatic P mode. I tried resetting the camera to it's factory settings, but the problem is still there. I've googled every possible option and can't find the answer, how to turn off the P in recall modes. If there is anybody who would know, how I can fix this, I would be very thankful! I have a very important shoot coming in 2 days and I have to get this thing fixed. I added some photos, so you can see, what's the problem. Many thanx!


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If it's any bit of a clue, altho my Sony interface is

different, I do think the asterisks indicate that you 

are in AE lock ?   


Also, FWIW, have you DL'd the PDF versions of 

both user manuals/guides ? They are no clearer 

than the paper versions, but at least they offer a 

key word search feature that helps to find every 

mention of whatever controls might be affected. 

IOW, exactly same muddy info, but less pain.  

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    • Hi, Last year I switched from Nikon to Sony (A7Cm2) and this situation surprised me in an unpleasant way. When I travel, I record rather short 8-30 seconds clips, a lot of such clips. And found that these files are rather big because of rounded up to the nearest ~32MB. Different SD cards (64GB) fill up very quickly because of that behavior. Sample sizes for different durations of those clips, for example I have 700 clips with these "distinctive" sizes +/-, nothing in between 33,592,255 67,149,921 100,706,705 134,367,160 167,821,451 201,378,823 234,936,491 268,594,590 302,050,059 335,709,042 ... and so on +/-1000 for the smaller files up to +/-100,000 for the bigger ones rounded up to the nearest ~32MB  Different 64GB cards were formatted inside the camera with exFAT (allocation unit size is 128KB) Why is that? Is there some setting for that?  -- Piotr
    • In short: AF micro adjustment isn't needed in mirrorless cameras, so the option is irrelevant. In DSLRs, the focus module is in a different light path than the photosensitive plane. Minuscule differences in the lengths of these paths can be compensated for with AF Micro adjustment. In mirrorless cameras, the photosensitive plane also contains the focus points. So whenever the camera detects proper focus acquisition, the focus is also exactly on the photosensitive plane. That is, until you use an LA-EA4 adapter to mount your 500mm f/4 onto your A1, which uses its own AF module instead of the cameras AF system. I would strongly advise against going this route: you'll have a state of the art camera with an insanely good AF system, and then you dismiss it 'in favour of' a very dated and compromised AF mechanism. Better try the LA-EA5 if you really want to keep using your old lens.   Edit: apparently autofocus doesn't even work with the LA-EA4 on the A1. https://support.d-imaging.sony.co.jp/www/cscs/accessories/compatibility.php?area=gb&lang=en&mdl=ILCE-1&cat=7
    • Hi Everyone !! I intend to move to Sony A1 from Sony A99 ii. I plan to continue to use the Sony F4 500 G lens (A mount lens) with an adapter on the Sony A1. However, I cannot find the menu option to do the AF Micro Adj in the Sony A1.  In the Sony A99ii it was under the AF3 menu. 
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