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Remote control for Sony A7II for long exposure

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Hi everyone...new to the forum, so I am hoping my question is relevant to this site.


I have had two wired remote controls (not Sony) that I use constantly for long exposures and both of them have failed. The company replaced the first one and I am waiting to hear on the action they will take on the second one.


Does anyone have a recommendation on a remote control that has been successful for them; the wires seem to be fairly fragile even though I am very careful with my equipment.



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If they work well and don't cost much, just 

buy two, so you'll have a spare on hand if 

the primary fails. This may sound a bit too

superstitious, but carrying a spare usually 

prevents failures, of both the primary and

the spare. The primary is "waiting" for you

to forget to bring the spare ... it's evil.  

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I've become increasingly reliant on the Playmemories app for iOS as a wireless viewfinder and remote. There's bulb function and the ability to review images too, which is nice when you rig your camera in not-too-accessible places. Granted, it isn't as tactile as a physical remote and sometimes not as functional..

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I just purchased Alpine Labs Spark.  It uses your smart phone as a controller and has multiple functions including photo, long exposure, most importantly time lapse.  Very simple device about the size and weight of a book of matches.  Can work tethered, blue tooth synched, and also as a stand alone simple IR trigger.  Time Lapse works perfectly and was the primary reason I got the unit.   It will not work for video.  Unfortunately my unit has a malfunction with Timed Exposure (where I dial in a set long exposure ).  This appears to be an App or my Samsung 7  Android problem.  All other functions work really well and since I don't need to dial in long exposures, I have kept the unit.  (It does work as a long exposure timer where it actively keeps track of the ongoing exposure, but I can't select a bulb exposure time).  The Spark has worked flawlessly for distances up to about 100 feet..haven't tried it at longer distances than that.

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