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Gloriously Inferior 28/2.8 Preset Soligor


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T2 mount, preset with the "ears" which I find helpful. It's 

reasonably sharp. I mean, it's not unsharp. And I use it 

at or near wide open, cuz thaz where The Effect is best.   

Another fave feature is the "Anti-Bokeh" iris ... five or six 

fairly straight-edged blades. Woo0O0oot ! ! Anti-bokeh, 

much like the anti-christ, is a great creative force. 


The Effect is how it halos and swells and flares brighter 

areas across darker areas, and specular highlights are 

magnified and misshapen. It also seems to "choose" to 

spread blues across/over the warmer tones, but not do 

the opposite. Or maybe thaz a sensor thing provoked by 

"The Effect" but not purely a lens or optical effect in and

of itself ? 


TWIMC, FWIW, the above pix are from an a7II at rather 

high ISO ... WITH the lens hood, but thaz mostly to limit 

the amount of rain that hits the glass. The Effect being a  

result of bright things included within the FoV, the hood 

is mostly just an umbrella and a crash bumper. 




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