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  1. So do you also own the A 7 S If so which one do you have. I like what I read about them but it is a big investment due to having to purchase new lenses
  2. Again thank you so it looks like the A7S is out as it does not make sense as my current lens will not give me full frame. So if I still wanted to upgrade what are your thoughts on the A6400
  3. Thank you for your response. I was looking to upgrade to the A7S however I was not aware that my current lens would not work with the AS series because they are not full frame format. It came with the kit lens but I also bought the SEL 35F18 and the SEL 10-18 neither of which are full frame. As to my current A6000 It is jumping between screens Not sure the cause however it is frustrating and takes to much time to reset thus loosing the shot i want to take
  4. I want to replace my A6000 although it has worked extremely well over the years, it is getting long on the tooth. So I am looking to upgrade to a newer body. I was thinking of the AS series however I need to be able to use the lenses I have purchased and want to stay around 1000 dollars so any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I am taking the Sony prime 35mm with us on our travel to Europe. you might want to take a look at 2 see if it meets your needs
  6. I agree with you I found what you posted helpful not sure why it was taken down
  7. I own the A6000 and I use the following three lenses and am quite please with them: 55-210, Sony 10-18 and the Sony 35mm prime which I just purchased a few weeks ago. At one time I was looking for another zoom lens to replace the 55- 210 however all of the reviews and many I spoke to at photo shops said it was a good lens and would suit my purpose. I have found that to be true. The 10-18 mm is not cheap however it allows me the ability to take great landscapes and close ups. The 35mm is fast at 1.8 and takes great photos with little light and also some great portrait pictures. Now I am no
  8. I just don't get it. One asks for constructive input and then for some reason or other the thread goes off track and we begin attack other peoples opinions. As a novice photographer in my seventies I greatly respect other peoples input as it allows be to weigh difference scenarios. Many years ago I learnt not to personally attack others for their ideas for you will lose any future constructive input from them. In other-word attack their ideology and not them personally. Just my humble opinion
  9. These are the first pictures I took with my new Sony 35mm 1.8 prime lens on my A6000. Most were taken in the Auto mode on Landscape. any suggestions to improve please let me know thanks.
  10. What would be the best all around filter for the Sony 35mm 1.8 lens? Most of my photos will be outdoors and I also want it to protect the lens from scratches. thanks
  11. Well went ahead and purchased the Sony prime 35 mm F1.8. It was between that and the 50 mm however I thought in the long run the 35 would serve me better. I got it at a good price because it has been on sale and I had 20 dollar gift certificate I was a able to apply towards it.
  12. My thanks to both of you for the advice. I will try my kit lens on 35mm and as to why I was looking at it is because I do not own a prime, want to use it to improve low light photography and of course better optical performance
  13. I currently have the Sony 10-18 mm, 55-210 and the 18-55 kit lens. I was thinking of purchasing my first prime the Sony E 35mm 1.8 however I do not want to spend the money if my other lenses will work well. We are taking a 50th anniversary cruise from Norway to Barcelona and will use it primarily walking around on city and countryside tours and also for videos.. thanks
  14. Love the photo and it brings back some great memories. Just one question how did you get the street to be so empty of autos?
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