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Meike 60mm 2.8


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Hello everyone. I am not a big specialist on macro photo, but just got this lens a couple of months ago and now, after struggling with the discipline, I can share some of my thoughts and photos , so maybe they can help someone who is interested in macro.

The Meike 60mm 2.8 is a manual macro lens for APS-C, which has a maximu magnification of 1:1. It is available in different mounts. I own the sony E mount, to use it on my Sony A7IV, with the crope mode.

The construction of the lens is, as is usual with the Meike lenses that I already have, very good; it is mainly made of metal, both the body and the bayonet. It is a very compact and lightweight lens, with a non-clicking diaphragm ring located, incidentally, on the front of the lens. Its focus ring lies behind the diaphragm and is large and pleasant to use. The body of the lens also has a focus scale that is very helpful when shooting at close subjects. The construction of the lens is, in general, outstanding.

Image quality
The image quality of the lens is very good. Its sweet spot is at the diaphragms between f5. 6 and f11. There its sharpness is excellent in the center of the shot, and noticeable in the corners. Outside these values, the image quality drops, being still good below 5. 6, but not so much above f11, due to diffraction. As for aberrations and distortions they are quite well controlled. And as far as vignetting is concerned, it is appreciated at maximum aperture, but it disappears completely at f4. Regarding the flares they are very controlled; I have not noticed any special flash in the presence of side light sources.

The meike 60mm 2. 8 is a lens created specifically for macro photography. While it is true that its minimum focusing distance could be smaller (but that would mean talking about a much more expensive lens), its traditional macro focal length and maximum magnification of 1:1 make it an ideal lens for this discipline. If we add that it is a very economical lens, we have a perfect lens for those who want to start in this discipline or for those enthusiasts who want the best quality-price. In addition, and due to other features explained above (focal length, bokeh, sharpness, ability to isolate the subject), the Meike 60mm 2. 8
also performs very well as a short telephoto lens.ç

The 60mm 2. 8 macro is an excellent lens for those who want to get started in macro photography, as well as for enthusiasts of this discipline. Both its construction and optical performance are excellent, and its price makes it one of the best choices in its niche when it comes to value for money. Once again, my opinion is that Meike is doing a great job. With this lens, and after having tested the superbs meikes 10mm f2 and 7. 5mm 2. 8, the Chinese brand has established itself as an excellent manufacturer of lenses of great constructional and optical quality, and with an unbeatable value for money.

I bought it throug amazon:


Here I attach some shots taken with it




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Very nice results.  Keep in mind that -- if you want -- you can go much higher than 1:1 with an inexpensive extension tube or two, and they don't have to have auto-focusing capability.

Since nearly all of my macro work is done using manual-focus, I use older, easy-to-find, and very inexpensive manual-focus lenses -- with an adapter, of course.  Plus, there is a much wider selection of macro and micro lenses to choose from.

Keep up the good work!!!

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