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Best mic options for a7sii

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I'm looking for advice on the best audio options for the Sony a7s ii. I film mainly documentary style footage and more corporate interview style films. At the moment I am either thinking of getting:


1. Sennheiser radio mics, Zoom h4n and then a Rode top mic for natural sound. I've use Sennhesier and the Zoom before and it works well but it's more of a hassle to record it all separately and sync.




2. The Sony K2M kit, which comes with a top mic. This seems like a more hassle free option as I can put it on top of my camera, but I don't know how good the quality is recording into the camera. (Or whether it's any better than the Rode top mic which is way cheaper!)


Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Or any other suggestions for options I should look into?


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