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Best Settings for 120 FPS - Sony A7rii

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I've been shooting some slow motion (120 fps) on my a7rii and have been getting a lot of noise in my blacks showing up.. not sure how to best avoid this. I've been shooting slog2 on crop 35 with a zeis 55mm and setting auto iso with max iso to 3200-6400 depending on whether it's dark out or not.


The noise is even present during the daytime (you can see in the dark areas). For 24 fps 4K, there is almost no noise under these same settings (daytime or night time)...


Here's a sample video that I shot under these settings:

And here's a guy I saw that shot 120 fps in full frame:


I've read that you get better image quality in crop mode (especially at night) so I've been using that paired with the 720 quality. I've seen samples that the picture quality can nearly match the a7s in crop up to 25,600 iso (at least for HD) and was wondering if anyone has any tips on how to best eliminate the noise. Should I instead use FF and max my iso a little higher?

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hi will

i am puzzled with the same problem...recently did this video with my daughter and there was noise..but i was shooting slog 2 and here i think iso is 800 automatically....

also i guess its not hd 1280 x 720 ..... i am yet to try out the 60 fps hd though

do connect on fb





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1080 HD,120fps shot 04/04/17. File direct from camera. No post processing other than what YouTube compression mucks up. (All these YTs are mucked equally so the muck will be standard across them all) Sony A7Sii.


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