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We Need an Off Topic Tread !

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Ok, I did what most people do, when a neighbours computer, starts sending out bogus messages for help & needing $ 1000 immediately.

Clearly a load of bunkum, due to the wording.

Anyway I did some googling and found that the best A/V for a Mac, is :
Bit Defender.

Well, I ran into some problems downloading the programme.

Finally got it to work, but I am not sure I'm getting the whole package !

On the Antivirus side, its saying 100% 1 yr cover.

Yet despite also paying for malware & virus protection, that comes up as a 30 day Trial.

Sorry but my bill at $ 138 includes both for a year !

I even got sent 2 different Activation Codes !

No Probs ! Ill just email the help centre link !

NO, you canot ! .......... Cos That Address ... Don't Exist !

Then, looking through stuff, I came across loads of dissatisfied customers, all saying the same :

Bit Defender has no customer support !
It gives no Refunds !

So , why are all these magazines, saying, its the best AV for Mac ?
Not one of the reports, mention lack of clarity or ... NO customer support

Also, lots of people are saying that ;
Hidden in the first order, is an automatic renewal, in 12 months !

So, to avoid an automatic renewal, in about 11 months you need to report your card as lost or stolen...

Presumably then.....

You do not waste hours on the phone being shunted ; To & Fro,between various Bit Defender departments ??

Anyone, with any insight to BitDefender ? 
Any Short Cut numbers to Customer Service ?

Any Help will be greatly Appreciated !

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My friend; you seem to have serious trouble

I have never gotten a request for $1000 on my Mac, bogus stuff doesn't usually get thru my mail filter, which I didn't set up


 I have a free BitDefender which works great. Sometimes it gets stuff on its own or I run a deep scan every other week and come up w some minor things. Rarely an exploit. I believe I got my Defender thru the Apple store. If you got your BitDefender thru the store you need to report it to the Apple store

If you clicked on to that $1000 mail request you might have a deeper infection going.

Check w Apple support Good luck

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You don't need AV for Mac? Mac is open architecture which means that viruses do not attach. As mentioned above, all this virus shit is why we came away from PC. Used Mac 12 years no virus problems and I have been on some spurious sites.


Some people download  a Malware protection software Pop Up blocker which is quite good I guess?




and it's free

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