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  1. Interestingly, I am perceived as a spammer? I have no axe to grind with anyone or do I have any commercial interest in any product. I am just a 69 year old trying to get a handle on this new technology, a little eccentric, yes, and at sometime a little outspoken but that is Yorkshire folks for you. I appreciate your comments and value what you say- Regards
  2. I really appreciate the kind words jaf, I feel quite humbled
  3. On a similar theme, the linked images were taken in and around the 60's during the Folk Revival. Film stock is Kodachrome ll asa 25 and Agfa Dia Direct 50asa with a Pentax S1a 55mm f1.4 Super Takumar. It is interesting to note that these images, now 50 years old still retain the colour rendition that they had when exposed. https://goo.gl/photos/bEXLvDKdsymJosEV6
  4. You might struggle, he is now dead. And I cannot for the life of me see a link between Miroslav and Vivian Maier and Eugene Atget, perhaps you would be good enough to enlighten us.
  5. Interesting, I didn't know that one could set up an ignore list, is it possible to do so for those who post with proportional spacing as well, and what, in my posting makes you assume that I am a "spammer", whatever that means? I am just like others here, an ordinary guy with 50+ years of photographic background who, for the first time, has entered the murky waters of digital photography. I was hoping to gleam some sort of guidance and knowledge about this and my new a7Rll from those with more experience but it seems that isn't to be from certain quarters. Still I guess if this is how some people massage their egos then so be it.
  6. This image, also of Lillie's was made in colour, converted to Black & White and Re-sized in Photoshop 11
  7. Curious to check result and re-size with Photoshop 11 for posting to web
  8. kenneth

    Ando Fuchs

    An Italian photographer whom I have got to know who produces some astonishing work, and I was surprised to learn that the images are digital. If asked, I would have said that they were film based http://www.ando-fuchs.at
  9. Maybe I would have been better offering this resume of Miroslav Tichy's work http://tichyocean.com/en/artist/tichy
  10. Sorry, I am not sure what you are asking of me, however, I am more than happy to comply if you would be kind enough to indicate what you require.
  11. http://hdr-photographer.com/presets/
  12. http://kroutchev.blogspot.co.uk/2013/08/miroslav-tichy-1926-2011-photographer.html
  13. I ordered this camera a month ago, rather, I ordered a a7Mk ll but an a7R ll came by mistake. You can tell how green I am, and totally new to all things digital, I didn't notice that the wrong camera had been shipped for a week, anyway, a month on I believe this to be a remarkable system and being able to use my Leica M glass with a Novaflex adaptor was a major selling point for me. It has stimulated interest in my beloved Leica M6 system all over again. I have to say that, hands down, I much prefer the look and the whole thing about film but I am sure I can use this new camera for lots of support things to my film photography. One very, very slight niggle, and that is that the paint finish on the camera seems a little poor and is starting to show bare metal though after only 4 weeks, but my experience of black body cameras in limited, I have always, where possible much preferred chrome bodies.
  14. Wonderful, and, like for nothing https://fotoandtech.com/blogs/photography-tips/52259457-how-to-set-up-ir-wireless-remote-shutter-release-control-for-sony-a7-ii
  15. http://www.handevision.com/en/product.asp?sid=135#
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