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Leica 50mm Elmar 3.5 on a7ii?

Joe S

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Has anyone tried this lens on an A7ii?    I am interested to know if it will safely collapse.    I have used a collapsable Summicron but it does not protrude nearly as much.  It is a screw mount lens and would be used with an adapter.

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No idea but i have a 50/2.8 v2 and it does not collapse safely when the lens is focused at infinity. The tube hits something in the innards of my A7s mod. Not the sensor i believe but i prefer keeping the lens extended the same way as on my digital Ms.

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Not sure it's safe. Even on the "semaphore" metered Leicas,

users used to attach a ring of plastic label-maker tape around

the collapsible barrel to limit the depth of the collapse.


MAYBE it will be safe. E-mount cameras have no Leica-like

semaphore arm cuz its sensor IS its metering cell. The image

plane in the Sony is behind some layers of filtering glass AND

a focal plane shutter. The image plane in the Leica is behind

the FP shutter, but that's all, no glass filter pack. [Flange focus

is acoarst identical for both - including M-adapter]. If you do

hafta put a ring of tape on the Elmar it will be a big as the 40

and 2 stops slower.


Better to forget the 50 Elmar. Mediocre lens anyway. Not worth

much on resale either. Look for a 40/2.0 from the Leica/Minolta

CL. It's barely bigger than a collapsed Elmar, and more stable,

and all around more betterer. Or check out the pancake-like

offerings from Voightlander. 


BTW, it's not unheard-of to buy a whole 3-lens CL outfit with a

"salvage grade" body. You then discard the body and use the

lenses on a Sony. An outfit is 28/2.8, 40/2.0, and 90/4.0 and all

are quite compact ... dare I say even "cute".

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My favorite 50 over 50/2 apo, 50/1.4 asph, and half a dozen lemons like that ;) but it's just me. I like much the tiny 40/2 though but it is less contasty and flares more than the Elmar. Matter of tastes as always. BTW there is no focal plane shutter to protect the sensor of my A7s mod but retracting the lens is not harmless on that body anyway.

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    • Given your interest in wildlife, the 2.8 makes a difference over the 4 version, because it will allow you to better isolate your subject from the background and gain an extra stop. Optical stabilisation is not that much useful when your subject is a moving one, you need a fast lens to keep the shutter speed as high as possible.  Furthermore, the times you won't need 2.8, you will gain image quality stepping down to 4 or 5.6.
    • Thank you all for the replies, definitely some food for thought. I have considered the a7iv as it does have bird eye AF but I was unsure if an upgrade was justified for that alone? The a7iv fps still isn't great.  I have also considered the a7rv, but again was unsure if it would suffice, I love the ability to crop which I often do, but those file sizes are big and I believe the higher MP isn't so great in low light. Lastly I did consider the f4 version, and I agree it would probably allow me to keep the 85, but I'm pretty sold on the 2.8 with it being an internal zoom and I'm a sucker for bokkeh. I would also forever question myself if I should have just gone for the 2.8 As some of you have said, perhaps it is best to add the lens to my arsenal and wait for new body, maybe, just maybe there will be a high frame body with bird eye af in the future? I can hope atleast can't I?   
    • Thanks.   I finally returned my 50-400.  Maybe I’ll find one locally that I can test.  For now I am going to just enjoy the lightness of the 70-300 until I find a longer hand holdable lens that is a significant enough improvement.    Although now I am missing the good macro I had on the 50-400.   
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