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Sony A6000: Don't see videos in playback mode

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Maybe I have something set wrong but when recording video on my a6000 I don't see them in playback mode. I see all of the photos I have taken but no video. I'm sure they're there because when using playmemories they show up (although they won't wirelessly transfer). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Solution: Go to Menu > Playback > View Mode > Folder View (MP4)

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On 2/4/2016 at 8:56 PM, Mayday said:

Thanks guys I checked back in the menu and did find the video option. Strange that you can't see all photos and video unless in calendar view which is clunky.



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i have same issue with a Sony a7r,what should I do ? 

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If you have playback set to Date View, when you hit the play button, it should show everything in the order it was taken (stills or video).  If you hit the down arrow, then you can seemingly get stuck on the calendar, but just go to any date and select it, and that will take you to the list of picts and videos.  

I will admit though that it is kind of an odd setup.

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On 2/4/2016 at 8:23 AM, dbmiller said:

Check the menus under playback - You can choose to view stills only (default), video only, and I think there is a setting that shows both by date, but I don't have my camera at work, so can't check.

For those who are confused now, in the sony alpha 6000 most of the time the setting is under menu>5th Page (this one with the "view" sign)>and than its called "view mode">just press on it with the confirm button and than select the data view thing and confirm again with the button (sometimes the data view option is already selected but it doesnt show up your video recordings, just select it again and it should work probably)

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