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  1. dbmiller

    Power Save not working

    Do you have Remote Control enabled? The camera will not sleep if it is waiting for a remote trigger.
  2. To me, it doesn't look like sensor spots, it looks more like sensor damage. Have you recent shot pictures directly into the sun, or at a show where lasers were being used?
  3. Check to see if you haven't accidentally turned on the Portrait Creative Style - That style takes the regular image, then applies softening to the image to get a softer skin.
  4. From the help guide: How to Use Using shooting functions Adjusting the focus AF Illuminator (still image) The AF illuminator supplies fill light to focus more easily on a subject in dark surroundings. The red AF illuminator allows the product to focus easily when the shutter button is pressed halfway, until the focus is locked. 1. MENU → (Camera Settings) → [ AF Illuminator] → desired setting. Menu item details Auto (default setting): Uses the AF illuminator. Off: Does not use the AF illuminator.
  5. dbmiller

    A6000 > A6300

    Yep, in many of the earlier E-mount cameras the mount was definitely looser. As people complained of slight wobbles with lenses mounted, or light leaks coming from the gap, Sony started making the tolerances much tighter. You may have to work a little to get them on, but they will fit.
  6. dbmiller

    A6000 > A6300

  7. dbmiller

    APS-C lenses on A9 7Riii

    Certainly. Just showing that FF is indeed possible with some APS-C lenses / Focal lengths
  8. dbmiller

    APS-C lenses on A9 7Riii

    When you shoot them in APS-C mode, yes. But as I noted above, you can actually turn on full frame mode and depending on the lens, they may or may not vignette depending on how much of an image circle the lens actually projects. For example, the following picture was taken with the SEL1018 APS-C lens @13mm on my FF A7Riii in FF mode.
  9. dbmiller

    APS-C lenses on A9 7Riii

    Wrong. You can use them in full frame mode, but they are likely to vignette. By default the camera will automatically turn on crop mode with an APS-C lens, but you can switch the camera from auto crop to manual, then turn off crop mode. Main menu item: APS-C/Super 35mm (On A7Riii, page one of fourteen in the Quality/Image Size1 tab) First sub-menu item: APS-C S35 Shooting - Switch from Auto to Manual Second sub-menu item: APS-C S35: Shoot. - Turn APS-C off to shoot FF with an APS-C lens
  10. A7Riii, SEL70-200/4, 100% crops. Turkey vultures flying around Taughannock Falls State Park
  11. dbmiller

    A7 iii video problem

    PAL vs NTSC. PAL is based on a 50 hertz power supply and limits you to 100 FPS. NTSC is based on a 60 hertz supply and will do 120 FPS.
  12. dbmiller

    Manual focusing A7R2

    IBIS on should definitely help with camera shake. As already noted, you have to tell the camera what FL you are each time you attach a legacy lens, as they have no way of telling the camera what their FL is. (You don't need to set it if it was the same as last time you set it, ie, two different days where that was the only legacy lens mounted). Since the lens also cannot tell the camera the focus distance, you will only get 3-axis stabilization, not 5-axis. You get X, Y, and Roll, but not Pitch or Yaw. And finally, the longer the FL, the harder it is for the camera to provide IBIS, as it has to move the sensor further to compensate for camera movement. So keep shake as minimal as possible, and shoot with as fast a shutter speed you can to reduce the possibility of blur due to camera shake.
  13. No. The A7Riii sensor does not have that many PDAF points on it. It's a physical limitation, not a software one.
  14. dbmiller

    A7R III delete all images

    Deleting multiple selected images (Delete) You can delete multiple selected images. Once you have deleted an image, you cannot restore it. Confirm the image to be deleted beforehand. Menu item details Multiple Img.: Deletes the selected images. (1) Select the images to be deleted, then press the center of the control wheel. The mark is displayed in the check box. To cancel the selection, press the center again to remove the mark. (2) To delete other images, repeat step (1). (3) MENU → [OK]. All in this Folder: Deletes all images in the selected folder. All with this date: Deletes all images in the selected date range. All Other Than This Img.: Deletes all images in the continuous shooting group except the selection. All in Cont. Shoot Grp: Deletes all images in the selected continuous shooting group. Hint Perform [Format] to delete all images, including protected images. To display the desired folder or date, select the desired folder or date during playback by performing the following procedure: (Image Index) button → select the bar on the left using the control wheel → select the desired folder or date using the top/bottom sides of the control wheel. If you select a continuous shooting group in [Multiple Img.], all the images in the group will be deleted. To select and delete particular images within the group, execute [Multiple Img.] while displaying the images within the group. Note The protected images cannot be deleted. The menu items that can be selected vary according to the [View Mode] setting and the selected content
  15. Do you have the Electronic First Curtain Shutter on or off? If off, the shutter fires twice for each shot - Once to reset the sensor, and once again to end the shot. If on, the shutter fires once for each shot - The sensor is electronically reset to begin the shot, and only closes to end the shot. If you're in silent mode, the shutter doesn't fire at all.