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  1. Just a guess... Don't confuse Eye-Start AF with Eye-AF. The former is only for the LA-En adapters with their own PDAF where that settings tells the adapter to start auto-focus when you bring the camera up to your eye. Trying to enable "Eye-Start AF" on a E-mount lens will result in a "Not valid with this lens" message, which may be part of your confusion. Eye-AF should be automatic on the A73 with face detect turned on and may depend on focus mode. For example, if you are using the flexible spot mode, and don't have the spot over a person's face, you might not get Eye-AF.
  2. Looks like it is the in camera lens corrections for vignetting. Try turning that off and see if it still happens.
  3. There are 25 rectangles in that outer grid. Each focus "point' is a area of pixels examined for contrast.
  4. Haven't tried it, but if your shutter speed is 10 seconds, and the interval is 10 seconds, there might be an issue getting ready to take the next shot. Is Long Exposure Noise Reduction turned off? Have you tried increasing the time between exposures to 30s just to see if that works?
  5. A9 with the latest (5+) firmware can do PDAF down to f/16, while the A7Riii can only do PDAF down to f/8, so depending on your shooting conditions, the A9 may be a better choice.
  6. It looks to me like highlight recovery at very high levels, the slight color change in the original gets amplified by the recovery and causes this type of effect.
  7. Sounds like the sensor cleaning cycle, when it tries to shake any dust off the sensor.
  8. Patch how? There's a single buffer in the camera that is used to write to both cards. The camera can't release the buffer to record another picture until both cards have finished writing. It's like one person reading over another's shoulder. One person may finish the page first, but you can't turn the page until you both have finished reading it. If you need the buffer cleared faster you can write to just the UHS-II card. An alternative would be to write a JPEG to the UHS-I card, and the smaller the JPEG, the faster it will be. If you absolutely need RAW images on both cards (In case one fails), then you are unfortunately, out of luck - You are limited by the slower card speed.
  9. The buffer clears at the rate of the slowest card. The faster card will write it quicker, but the buffer won't be released until it is written to the slower card as well. Which is why you see it clear faster writing only to slot 1.
  10. There are some external applications that can display the focus point of a RAW file, but that doesn't help when you want a quick preview. @Liveshots' response is also the best I can think of.
  11. Does your printer have an option to print "borderless"? Many printers have print margins and won't print any closer to the edge of the paper than these margins. But some printers also have a "borderless" option that will go outside the margins, but will overprint the edges of the paper in doing so. The ink usually goes into a sponge collector of some sort, but it does waste ink, and is usually not the default print mode.
  12. Silent shutter? Probably causing some camera shake, and IBIS and silent shutter don't play well together - The readout speed is too long, causing the IBIS to correct movements leading to straight lines looking curved as the scan moves over the sensor. Restrictions When Using Silent Shooting Mode Other Things to Consider The movement of the subject and of the camera body can cause distortion in the image. Panning the camera quickly from side to side may cause vertical lines to appear slanted. Distortion may occur when taking photos of children, pets, sporting events, or other fast moving subjects.
  13. If I remember right (And I may not), you still shoot with a -x/0/+x bracket, but turn the EV compensation dial to -x. This should give you a bracket of -2x,-x,0
  14. There's also a bug/feature if anti-flicker mode is on, then shot result result preview doesn't work properly.
  15. It does look a little off. What happens if you go to a medium spot instead of small?
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