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  1. Does your printer have an option to print "borderless"? Many printers have print margins and won't print any closer to the edge of the paper than these margins. But some printers also have a "borderless" option that will go outside the margins, but will overprint the edges of the paper in doing so. The ink usually goes into a sponge collector of some sort, but it does waste ink, and is usually not the default print mode.
  2. Silent shutter? Probably causing some camera shake, and IBIS and silent shutter don't play well together - The readout speed is too long, causing the IBIS to correct movements leading to straight lines looking curved as the scan moves over the sensor. Restrictions When Using Silent Shooting Mode Other Things to Consider The movement of the subject and of the camera body can cause distortion in the image. Panning the camera quickly from side to side may cause vertical lines to appear slanted. Distortion may occur when taking photos of children, pets, sporting events, or other fast moving subjects.
  3. If I remember right (And I may not), you still shoot with a -x/0/+x bracket, but turn the EV compensation dial to -x. This should give you a bracket of -2x,-x,0
  4. There's also a bug/feature if anti-flicker mode is on, then shot result result preview doesn't work properly.
  5. It does look a little off. What happens if you go to a medium spot instead of small?
  6. Have you buy any chance, taken any pictures of the sun, eclipse, or at a show with lasers?
  7. In AF-S mode (Not AF-C), Sony cameras focus in phase detect mode to get "in the ballpark", but then switch to contrast detect mode for final confirmation. That mode will pulse back in forth to fine to do that, and that may be what you are seeing. If however, you are in AF-C mode, then there is no switch over to contrast detect unless you are using narrow apertures (Could be f/11 or higher, depending on camera and firmware). So if you are using AF-C and shooting at an aperture of f/8 or wider (smaller #), then the pulsing must be caused by something else.
  8. The diffuser panel is likely not completely closed. If the flash thinks the panel is out, it automatically goes to the wide setting.
  9. Sounds like an A7Rx shooting in APS-C mode.
  10. Menu AF4 (Camera 1, page 8/14 on my A7R3) - Phase Detect. Area - Switch it to off.
  11. https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/56376519
  12. My guess is the lens correction being applied to correct vignetting. It's not always perfect and when you push the results, it shows up. Try turning off lens corrections and see if that changes your result.
  13. Check which Picture Profile you are using for video. Certain profiles change the minimum ISO.
  14. Can't use a flash. Slow sensor readout may cause rolling shutter type distortions. High shutter speeds may cause bokeh issue (Same as EFCS) Probably many more.
  15. Do you have Remote Control enabled? The camera will not sleep if it is waiting for a remote trigger.
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