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  1. My first thought was PDAF striping, but now I'm now so sure. Take a look at the following thread, and other discussions related to that issue. https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/61051860
  2. Agreeing with Chrissie here, as we are sort of saying the same thing, but I didn't perhaps get fully there. Chrissie is correct in that what you are really concerned about is the fill rate - Once the buffer is full, the camera won't take another image until one is written to the card, so you're really worried about how fast the buffer fills vis-a-vis the FPS input rate and the output rate based on the write speed of the card. As the camera starts writing immediately, you will certainly be able to get more than a buffer full of images (68 on the R4?) before the buffer is actually full. I d
  3. A couple things to try. You are basically limited by: How fast the camera can write to the card How many frames per second you are shooting at How big the camera buffer is You can't do anything about item #3, so let's look at the first two. Make sure you are using a fast UHS-ii card. If you are using both slots, make sure both cards are fast - The camera writes to both cards at the same time, but will not start the next image until both cards are written. The R4 supports UHS-ii in both slots, so you should be good as long as you are using fast cards. Once that image
  4. Lens shading compensation. Turn it off in camera if you going to be pushing dark exposures.
  5. Do a google search for "PDAF striping" and I think you'll find your answer
  6. Looks to me like the lens shading compensation. Google will find many articles on it, here's one... https://www.fredmiranda.com/forum/topic/1579842
  7. A couple of things to note... At shutter speeds above 1/1000, EFC should be off. You can get odd image effects from having EFC on Normal RAW images on Sony are not lossless. There is a bit of compression happening and there can be some weird things that happen in areas of extremely high contrast. Shooting in uncompressed RAW will fix that but result in larger file sizes. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://phillipreeve.net/blog/limitations-of-the-electronic-shutter-function/&ved=2ahUKEwi8gou43azsAhVEheAKHVHuCzcQFjABegQIAxAB&usg=AOvVaw
  8. Firmware updates include all older updates, so there's no chance of missing anything older.
  9. I can tell you want works for me on my A7R3: Pre-AF is On. This is smportant, the camera will not focus just by touching the screen, it just changes the point of focus. Focus with shutter is On (Shouldn't matter) I am usually in AF-C mode, but AF-S more often seems to work more reliably. I have touch screen operation assigned to the delete button (Normally off) I usually have AF area set to Wide When I want to override the AF-area, I press the delete button to activate the touchscreen, and then touch and/or drag to the spot I want to focus. AF definitely isn't
  10. Is Pre-AF on or off? Which AF mode are you in?
  11. See previous replies, and also see the note from the A6400 manual... Note When [File Format] is set to [AVCHD], the file size of movies is limited to approx. 2 GB. If the movie file size reaches approx. 2 GB during recording, a new movie file will be created automatically.
  12. Looks like the lens correction being applied for vignetting. And possibly then pushed in post? Try turning off "Shading Comp." on the camera. Google that and you'll find a bunch of info.
  13. Correct - AF-S will focus once when you press the button assigned to "AF On", and you are locked at that `focal distance. You can recompose or leave the camera in a fixed position and the focus distance does not change. If the distance to your main object of focus changes, then it will be out of focus. So if your recompose technique is flawed, or the subject moves, you may not have what you want it focus. AF-C will continually focus while camera is trying to acquire focus. So if you have BBF set up, it will continue to AF until you release the button and now it's locked at whatever distan
  14. Can you clarify what you are asking? You cannot directly take a 24mp photo with both cameras. The Riii is a 42mp camera. Do you want to resample the image from the Riii down to 24mp, or crop 24mp from the FF image?
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