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Remote Shutter from Smartphone without "smart" remote control app

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Hi Everyone,


I recently switched to a Sony Alpha 7 R II and love a lot of things about it -- but some of them not so much. I am posting here because I think that my question is not strictly related to to Sony's full frame mirrorless cameras.


When using the "smart remote control" app to control the camera via my iPhone, I was surprised to find out that the app has its own shooting settings (for example, my camera is always set to shoot RAW, but with the smart remote it still defaults to JPEG only). Is there a way to use my smartphone just for shutter release, nothing else? E.g. I mount my camera on a tripod, fix all the settings and can then just release the shutter remotely?


In other words: What I need is a "dumb" remote control, not a smart one. Any way to do this?


Thanks in advance for any advice...

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There is a cable release which connects to the USB port, its under 20$. Sony also sells an IR Shutter Release. Both these are pretty dumb - I use the USB Cable Release since its the dumbest way possible.


I've used the Smart Phone way too, its interesting, but normally I just needed to release the shutter ..... 

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I would certainly agree that it´s quite annoying how the app needs its own settings for everything exposure related.

I have a couple of the cheapo Ebay IR remotes and they work fine. Very useful at times. I have two because they´re so small I sometimes lose one for weeks in a pocket or whatever. :)


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I use one of these for my A6000, should also work for the A7…. Wireless Shutter Release



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There is a Wireless Remote Commander from Sony - RMT-DSLR2. If I want long exposure and using Tripod, I use this remote. It has dedicated button which works as toggle switch to 'on' and 'off' the exposure. I used to use it for A99, A77M2 and also using it for A7Rmii.


Set your camera setting having remote option 'on' and you can even take a 2 sec delay click, else option to have long exposure more than 30 sec in bulb mode as well. Can be used for Video recording as well.


For time-lapse, I prefer using Intervalometer. This won't solve that purpose.






In case you have Android phone and want to use it from Mobile/Cell phone only then this is also an option for you:


http://rccdroidpro-en.glensk.com/ or https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.glensk.RCCDroid&hl=en_GB


this app connect smart phone with camera using an OTG cable and you can use mobile as a Remote control or Intervalometer. Beauty of this app is you can take all shots on your Mobile directly, it writes on your Smart Phone Micro SD or Internal memory. I used to use it in India. Now, I don't have android phone with me here in UK. Before buying this app, be sure to check compatible device with it.

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Hello Everyone,


New member here and this post caught my attention while lurking yesterday.


My comments are prefaced with the fact that I use Android devices, not Apple. I'm not sure I understand the issue the OP has with the Remote App. If I've totally missed something, ignore the following.


Yes, the app requires it's own settings but in my mind that's the way it should be. If the app couldn't control the camera settings that would defeat the purpose of "remote" control, you'd have to physically change settings by being next to the camera.


By default (on the Android version at least) the app shoots jpg fine. Brian Smith posted a good blog entry on new app features and how to set it to shoot jpg and raw. You can find it via this link http://briansmith.com/sony-smart-remote-control-update-3-1/


Sure, there's no raw only but it should get the OP raw images saved when using the remote app.


Respectfully submitted,



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    • Assuming you didn't change the functionality of the button: the default function is 'focus hold', meaning that if you're in continuous AF mode, the focus is locked at whatever distance it was at and it'll no longer change with half-pressing the shutter button. Apparently this function doesn't work together with face/eye AF, which kind of makes sense: if you're trying to focus on an eye, the distance is usually not constant (either you or the subject moves). Locking the focus position will cause the eye to go out of focus.
    • As far as I know, the only way to reset this camera is through the menu, but of course, navigating in the menu without a display is not possible. One option could be to connect the camera to a TV screen with HDMI cable, press the show images button and see if you can access the menu from there.   Some users have reported an "unofficial" way to perform a hard reset. Please note that I have not tested them and I am not aware if they work or ultimately you will end "bricking" the camera, so this is a big "proceed at your own risk", assuming that you have nothing to lose and everything else failed. Remove the card, so your pictures are safe. Try several times removing the battery with the camera on and leaving it out for some time. The sudden loss of power might cause the camera to reset.  
    • Hello. While traveling in India, my camera on a tripod got caught in the wind and fell from above. Unfortunately, I managed to find it Unfortunately, viewfinder didn't work. So I made a mistake and switched the settings to ONLY viewfinder. And now the LCD screen shows nothing and I can take photos blindly. I tried changing the settings using the chain navigation buttons. But no luck. Could someone with this camera please Write instructions on what buttons to use to get to this option?  i try: MENU;9x RIGHT; 3x RIGHT; 1xDOWN; SELECT/CENTER; 1xUP; SELECT/CENTER Can someone check if this works for them with a LCD screen on?

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