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a7iv Video Help!

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Hi All,

Fairly new to a big camera like the sony a7iv but I have been loving it for photography lately, but video is where I am really struggling.

My questions is, I am primarily using this camera as a run and gun vlog camera for walk around, lifestyle, dining reviews etc. (so plenty of walking and moving around). What video settings should I be using? Any and all 4k 24fps combos I have tried makes the video so shaky and screen ripping looking that I want to puke when watching it lol. PS. all of these are running at 4k 24p 1/50 shutter speed.

I have tried the XAVC S HD 1080p 60fps 50bit 4.2.2 1/125 shutter speed which seems the best so far, but it just seems crazy to me that I cant use any 4k setting for decent video?

Current setup for better info

Sony a7iv with the Sony FE 1.8 20mm G Lens. I use active image stabilization and still no luck. Can someone please shed some light on what am doing wrong or what settings will work best?


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4k 24p 1/50th is pretty much right on. I think your issue is that the Sony's IBIS isn't the greatest. I've used Olympus and Panasonic IBIS for video and it's almost like shooting on a gimbal. The Sony's are good for very steady handheld slow careful walking shots but that's about it. Most of my video is shot from a tripod with me talking so the Sony's work fine for me. Everything is a compromise. The Sony AF is magic, the WB and auto exposure work great. The video is beautiful. The Panasonics are nice too, but the background focus jitters from the depth from defocus focusing are horrible. The Fuji's do nice video if you set everything manually! Olympus might be the best choice if you have to shoot video a lot handheld. Another possibility is use the A7iv for really high quality shots when your static and get a GoPro hero 9 or 10 for the moving around shots. The GoPro's do pretty well with stabilization. Good luck!

(My recent video I posted in the video section here from the Oregon Coast has a brief intro with me vlogging and walking with the A7iv, but I was walking slowly and deliberately. Just the basic IBIS on, not active and with the 20mm 1.8, so that might give you something to compare too.)

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