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Wich is the best low budget lense for real state?

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I´m looking at three options for shooting real state with my A7iii:

- Samyang AF 14mm 2.8
-Samyang MF 14mm 2.8 WS MK2
- Rokinon 14mm f/2.8 ED AS IF UMC

I dont need the autofocus but im not sure about the Samyang MF, didnt see enough reviews on B&H and i m not sure about wich one get

Ayn suggestions? 

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Get the Samyang AF 14/2.8 because it is the latest generation lens which I have read somewhere has been redesigned for the mirrorless cameras so it should be somewhat more compact than the predecessors.  And the pronounced barrel distortion the first generation DSLR 14/2.8 were known for has been tamed in the newest mirrorless version thus making it more suitable for architectural photography.

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First - Samyang and Rokinon are exactly the same lens, more aggressively marketed as Samyang in Europe and Rokinon in the US with both available to appear to have a "choice."

For real estate, you don't NEED a f2.8 lens. While primes come at that, I personally use the 16-35 f4 and not the f2.8 version. Depth of field on an UWA lens is absurd, like 3' to infinity, but typically I shoot in manual with two or more off camera flashes. Typical setting is ISO 600, f9-f11 and around 1/125 sec. Basically, you expose for the outside with crisp window views, then raise the interior light with flash. Why do I need the expense of a f2.8 when f4 does fine. Also, it has become my favorite walkaround lens for non-realestate over a 24-70.

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I traded in my Rokinon 12mm (MF) for a Sigma 12-24 (AF) -- both full frame a-mount.

The 14mm is about half the price and easier to find.  I got my 14mm for $100 and 12-24mm for $200.

I can't say much about these in e-mount (with or without an adapter) -- or other full-frame e-mount options.

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Laowa 15mm - Zero Distortion, is what I use. I got it at a good price 2nd hand from MPB.

It is a manual prime, which is fine for real estate and architecture as you have plenty of time for set up.

The lack of distortion in this wide angle lens is the great advantage over other wide angles I have tried.

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