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  1. While I use Imaging Edge and agree with you about it's quirks. For straight shutter release, the PocketWizard - and perhaps some on the far cheaper flash controller knockoffs - will work, but you are shooting blind. My primary remote use is pole photography, and the ability to see and control wirelessly on phone or tablet is critical when the camera is 20 feet above my head. Prior to Sony, I used Nikon with Camranger and that blows Imaging Edge out the water, but Camranger was not compatible with Sony. Unlike PocketWizard, you have full visual control of photo and video on a phone or tablet, p
  2. One of the first lens I bought was the Sony FE 35 f2.8. Nice, compact and the reverse lens hood. I still own it and use occasionally if doing "prime only". I find my favorite walkaround is the 16-35 f4, coupled with the 55 Sony/Zeiss (the second lens I purchased) in my pocket/light lens (no camera space) bag.
  3. While I use the 16-35 f4 almost exclusively, I can understand not wanting zoom. I have almost fully replaced (sold, not available as backup) my 24-70 with primes, including the 55mm but lacking the 24mm replacement at this time with the edge given to the Sony 24 1.4. At the ultra-wide angle level, the Laowa 15 is tempting if I replaced the 16-35...but the Loxia 21 would be stellar, however I would probably look at the 18 if I had the 24. While I do a combination of Realestate and landscape I find if not using the 16 (typically realestate) I am around 20 (landscape and walkaround). If I am at 3
  4. I currently own the 55 1.8 and the 85 1.8, and given you Tamron, would suggest the 85 1.8. It is an excellent lens, so much so that the Zeiss Batis 85 is not worth the price premium. The 85 is great for portraits, but may be a little long for landscape and travel/walk around...but you have the Tamron (and the 16-35) for those. I also have the 16-35 f4 which is a great walk-around lens, but in the midrange, while I have seen good reviews on the Tamron, I am going a different course. On my last trip to Europe, I intentionally left my 24-70 f4 at home and relied on the 16-35, 55 and 85. I am now
  5. I tried using Capture One. Saw it's benefits but also some MAJOR limitations. First thing to realize is that Capture 1 is a Lightroom substitute and you still need Photoshop or similar program that implements well. It's layering is limited to layer mask adjustments on a single file. Layers consisting of multiple files, such as sky replacement, are not possible and require something like Photoshop. Also coming from Nikon, those files, iPhone photo jpg, and even scanned photos/slides require some other program. Last year on a "Dump Adobe" kick, and happy to say was able to drop down from the fu
  6. I had similar with the LCD going out. Eventually discovered was the sensitivity of the viewfinder sensing my presence and revering to viewfinder. I would have it on a tripod, standing behind it, and the LCD would suddenly go black and I wasn't even attempting to look through the viewfinder. I eventually noticed that the viewfinder was and figured it out. Eventually had the LCD replaced but that was for a totally different reason (de-lamination).
  7. The main problem I have with most downloaders is that they want to do it the way they want to do it. The go around I created with Playmemories - works with both PC and Mac - is that I set Playmemories up to always download to the 1-Sony folder I created ("1" assures very first folder in Pictures on a PC) where it then creates the default dated subfolder within 1-Sony. From there I create a folder (or sub-folder in an existing folder) for the ultimate destination that reflects MY organization and cut/paste all from the 1-Sony location to the desired location. While most is on a PC, I travel wit
  8. a6k didn't put any links in. Two words were highlighted with auto links created to a power switch at WalMart. Hate it when that happens, and the reason I didn't use the word in question.
  9. The Sony 70-400 isn't any lighter than the Tamron 150-600???? Ignoring adapter weight which would be used on all variations, it is about a lb lighter with both Tamron and Sigma 4.3lb/1.95kg vs Sony 3.31 lb/1.5kg. It is also more compact taking a 77mm filter vs 95mm and brighter f4.5-5.6 vs f5-6.3. Unfortunately, the Sony costs twice as much at over $2000 and the reason I am hoping Sony DOESN'T create an FE version with the similar price, but a competitor to the new $1400 Nikon noted below. If price is no issue, an interesting native FE mount is the 70-200 f2.8 Gmaster (3.26lb and $2500) wi
  10. I shoot a lot of real estate photography and use Lighttracker on my iPhone. In addition to sunrise and sunset times it shows sun position during the day (and evening) oriented to a specific location, and includes shadow angles.
  11. Will be fine. I also shoot properties but with an A7RII using a Ronin-m (plus other equipment) and my "go-to" lens with video is the 16-35, typically set around 24. Set Aperture priority for 99% of video unless doing more advanced stuff like aperture pulls, then on manual. Autofocus is absolutely quiet and seamless but can't say the same thing about the Ronin motor...even after firmware update. It is a moot issue as I don't use camera audio anyway. Have used Slog-2 but naturally flat and requires a lot of work in post and prefer one of the cinema related picture profiles. Biggest frustrations
  12. Davinci Resolve is good with it's strength in color balance/grading however it is lacking in other features, such as transitions and other edits keeping it from becoming a full blown independent processor. It is great for learning an to have but realize it was designes as an intermediate step, ecport footage from other programs, such as Premiere Pro or Final Cut, Process, render out and reimport into Premier Pro, Final Cut or other high end program. A great program to have at "free", learn from it but recognize it's limitations. A one time, Gimp (the free open source photo processor) had a
  13. Have you tried PlayMemories, the free software Sony provides for file download? It is clunky software I don't like but use it due to video files, otherwise I would simply do copy/paste to a destination folder, but Windows won't even see the file. It apparently puts the AVCH in an mp4 wrapper so other programs will see it. My workflow is to import to a single destination foolder "1-Sony" (include the #1 so stays at top) then copy to destination folder (i.e. name of event) then launch Lightroom or other software, importing as necessary. HINT: on PlayMemories, when installed hit the "add fold
  14. While summer is not that long to wait and see what materializes and how universal it is...the big question is "Do you NEED TTL or is it a luxury?" I was in the same situation as you when I switched from Nikon to Sony, and most of my flash work was off camera with no trigger flash emitting light on camera. With Nikon, I used the Pocketwizard (TT5/TT1 and AC3 series) paired with Nikon branded flashes, rationalizing that is the Pocket Wizard went down, Nikon's native CLS was a backup (which I never had to use). Sure, that was a TTL system, but the irony was that manual was the same camera set
  15. I wish I could say the same about the Canon 135 FD lens. While I loved the focal length, it had a defect where would fail to stop down. Get a roll back of grossly overexposed and washed out photos. Had repaired once. Doing it again, but now discontinued and they no longer make the part. Reviewing the internet, it was a known problem with the lens. Just sits on the shelf gathering dust. Personally, I would like to see the FE incarnation of the A mount 70-400 so wouldn't have to use an adapter.
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