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2 months in Cold Wilderness with A7R


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So, after my travel to The Yukon I came back in Europe, since 2 months I'm shooting around my area (North Italy and South Switzerland) having great feeling with my A7R Mk-I.


I always love the qualty of this camera, the sharpness of the picture tooken by Zeiss 2.8/35 and the very compact body of 400grams. Very concerned about the way of new A7 body, so big and fat, hoping they will go back to more mirrorless concept with the next series.


BTW, here are some shots of the last 2 months, comments and suggestions are more than welcome, and...enjoy ;)


Here is the album link: Landscapes


All the pictures are also available on my 500px profile: Luca Fontana













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Very nice! I have the a7M2 and like the thicker body, feels better in the hand.


Hi Bashbrook, probabily it's more confort in hands, that's true. But for me the weight is a big problem, as when I go around for exploration every gram count a lot ;)


Btw, I think that everyone need a particular camera depending for the use he make, I just hope Sony will always make one light body with high quality FF sensor.

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    • Also consider the new A7iv. It has a lot of the A9ii except the 20 fps silent shutter. If you really value that, get the A9ii. Otherwise the A7iv may be just as nice for half the price.
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