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  1. Shutter block was broken as I was told from service, now its fixed
  2. A problem started occuring half a year ago. I was shooting some landscape when the autofocus points just freezes on display. I was changing shoot mode and still nothing. Cannot even access the menu or pics folder. Anyone know something about this, it become quite annoying.
  3. Im searching light polution filter for Samyang 12mm, I did read about Hoya Red Intensifier on LonelySpeck, but you can order it only from B&H Photo and Im from Europe and beacuse of it prices are terribly high if I order it... Anyone knows other solution (in Europe)? Thanks
  4. Thanks for the feedback, appreaciate it. Will look at this next time.
  5. Gear Sony a6000 & E 50mm 1.8
  6. All shot with A6000 and SEL55210
  7. Took during my drive trough the woods..
  8. I used 55-210 lens. Not something special, but Im happy with my first try. Let me know, what do you think.
  9. Last weekend I was on trip with friends and tried some nightsky shoting with my A300 and 18-55 kit lens. Pics may not be good, but Im trying my best.
  10. A big surprise after a boring cloudy day
  11. Has anyone try this lens on a3000? Im planning to buy it.
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