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should I buy an sony A7?

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Hi guys,

recently, I am looking to buy a new full frame camera on budget. my budget is under $800(best if come with lens). I am looking at A7 and A7 II, since those are the affordable ones. A7II is definitly better compare to A7, but A7 is more cheaper(ebay and FB market place people selling it for 5 or 600 dollars). so, I tend toward A7 now. but should I buy A7?

also want ask few other questions,what should I pay attention to when I buy such camera?

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It may not have all the gizmos and advances of the latest technology, but the A7 still has a good 24Mp sensor and will produce good photos.

However, the issue is in getting one that is not worn out. For this reason I would recommend using a proper camera shop or reputable dealer like MPB, who will give you a true assessment of the condition and, usually, a 6 month guarantee.

Personally I don't use the likes of E-bay or Gumtree for tis type of purchase as I'm always worried that they could be fencing stolen goods.

Have fun with whatever you buy!

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No, buy an A7II instead.  Feature wise they are almost identical except for the IBIS or Steady Shot in Sony jargon present on A7II.  Most FE lenses do not have OIS and if you want to keep shooting in less than ideal lighting condition, some sort of image stabilization is a must.  Price wise, when the cameras are available, A7II is about 100-200 CAD higher than the A7.  thebeardedgroundsman's suggestion is very sound but buying private can get you a better price.  I seldom buy new camera equipment.  Most of my purchases have been made from private sales advertised on CraigsList.  It's buyer's beware but so far I have not had any real bad experiences doing so.

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