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Wind Turbines waiting for Dawn


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Now this is clearly becoming way off-topic, but I beg your patience.

I just returned from walking the dog outside, for the night, and kept thinking about this exchange.

It's no wonder, it took an "eastern" mind like @Thad E Ginathom's (from India) to make my "western" mind (Switzerland/Germany) aware of the fact, that "waiting" is primarily a state of mind, not of the body.

As a dog-owner, or at least the husband of the real dog-owner ? , I see how we train the obedience of the dog by commandeering her to "Wait!", which goes along with her compelled physical inactivity. While invisibly to to the naked eye, her mind is very actively waiting to be released from this forced inactivity.

Very interesting indeed. And again: thanks @Thad E Ginathom for broadening my mind like this.

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