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  1. Thanks for posting these beautiful images. I recently hiked the Grand Canyon from north rim to south rim and took many photos with a rather wide lens. I understand Jaf's points, but if I cropped many of these photos as he suggests, the viewer would not register the scale of the terrain. The viewer would not realize that the photo was of the Grand Canyon. If you go hiking in the Alps, I want to know what the Alps are like, and that means communicating something of the scale. There is such thing as 'documentary' photography and house wives are not the only practitioners.
  2. I have the Samyang 12/2 but I've never produced anything that nice. It's beautiful, where did you take it?
  3. I use the Rokinon 12/2 frequently for landscapes and occasionally for astrophotography and highly recommend it.
  4. Jaf-Photo -- in what sense is the A6000 'a bit slow'?
  5. "No single man can be taken as a model for a perfect figure, for no man lives on earth who is endowed with the whole of beauty." -- Albrecht Durer
  6. I have to say that BlazL (a Newbie) has been both clever and extremely informative. Maybe one day I'll be an 'Advanced Member' on this forum. Am I required to be a jerk like Jaf-Photo in order to be promoted to that level?
  7. Wonderful composition
  8. syncusoidal

    Summer drinks

    Beautiful, like a different sunset in each glass!
  9. syncusoidal

    Vine Ring

    a6000 with Canon nFD 50mm f1.4, unknown aperture
  10. Thanks for the help!
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