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Tuan Khanh

Sony A6400 lens kit 16-50mm 4K video test low light

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This thread has been closed since the video has been posted in another thread also (link below). Please comment there.


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    • By eurolatin2000
      Quick question: My a6400 stopped making the on and off chime sound. I can't find any menu options for that sound.  Any suggestions? 
    • By Hummingbird
      I recently came across an article of a scientific photographer who magnified the image of sand up to 300x which revealed beauty unimaginable to the naked human eye. Who knew that sand was an assortment of very diverse sorts of colors and crystals! It inspired me to try to attempt macrophotography with my Sonya6000 + kit lens.
      I've heard my camera isn't the best at macrophotography but I figured I would give it a go because it is what I have. But my biggest concern is that there is an overall blur. When I zoom into my image, the details of all the nooks and crannies are just not as sharp as I would like them to be. From what I've seen from macrophotography the details are quite important. I was wondering if this would be the fault of my own settings or my shaky hands or if this would be the limitation of my camera? 
      1/10 F5.6 ISO 100 

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    • By Hummingbird
          I recently had the opportunity to go to a lotus pond. Beforehand, I did a quick look up of "lotus ponds/flowers" on google and saw a lot photos of single lotus flowers placed in the middle of the shot. I wanted to try something different and this was what I ended up with. In the middle is an unfurled lotus leaf and behind it is a wilting lotus flower. The lotus flower and the unfurled leaf seem to be competing subjects since they're both in the middle, but I still like the photo in my own weird way. I was wondering how other photographers would feel about the composition of this photograph. Would this be considered bad composition? Would someone say this is an interesting photo or a bad photo? 
      This was shot with sony a6000 + kit lens.
      - Hummingbird 
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